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Cartoon Brunches

With Selected Matinee Memories!

(Short clips like Serial Chapter Endings & Prevue Trailers.)

These all-shorts programs are specially designed for families who come and go throughout the films.
Ideal for weekend brunches, or to amuse kids while parents meet for coffee in another room.
One hour of cartoons & shorts is repeated to fill a 2-hour DVD. 24 different shows will be available soon!
Santa Claus Brunch Toons are non-religious. The Cartoon Marathon runs a full two hours.

All shows are in the public domain and may be shown to the public either free or where admission is charged.

Watch a YouTube Promo for Cartoon Brunch at the Suburban World Theatre in Minneapolis!

You can download these actual posters, print them and add your name and other info to promote each showing.

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These are 2-Hour Cartoon Shows:

2 Hour Cartoon Poster 1 2 Hour Cartoon Poster 2 2 Hour Cartoon Poster 3

How to Order

Cafe Roxy is an enterprise of Festival Films
Phone or fax: 952-470-2172
Email: fesfilms@aol.com

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