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Meet Edgar Kennedy!

While few know his name, most fondly recognize iconic comic Edgar Kennedy as the bald-headed comedian from countless classic films. Edgar was truly America’s first “sitcom” star who played himself in 103 two-reel shorts produced by RKO Radio Pictures between 1931 and 1948 that convulsed audiences two decades before “I Love Lucy.” In each short Edgar is surrounded by a zany dysfunctional family, including a ditzy wife, meddling mother-in-law and shiftless brother-in-law. Sound Familiar?

Every short revolves around a typical sitcom plot with Edgar at the center of the action, often caught up in domestic turmoil, a household emergency, mistaken identity, or the latest get-rich-quick scheme certain to bankrupt the household or put them all in jail.

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Meet The Edgar Team

BOB CAMPBELL is co-creator and producer of the original Matinee at the Bijou PBS series (1980-88), The Uncle Sam Movie Collection film anthology series and co-creator, producer of the Lost & Rare Film and TV Treasures series. He is a former front-row kid, a lifetime film buff, and recognized as an authority on classic American film history and content.


Ron is founder-owner of Festival Films and co-creator, producer of the  Lost & Rare Film and TV Treasures series. He is a leading authority on classic film history and public domain. Ron brings to The Edgar Kennedy Show a lifetime of experience in locating and acquiring rare cinematic treasures, including many of the Edgar shorts.


Derek is co-creator, producer of the Lost & Rare Film and TV Treasures series and a dedicated film collector and media producer who provides public domain TV shows and vintage features to WGGS-TV in Greenville, SC. His extensive private film collection includes many lost and rare Edgar Kennedy shorts and features.

Author of the biography "Edgar Kennedy, Master of the Slow Burn."

It’s been said that everything old is new again, and Edgar Kennedy, “Father of the Sit-Com” and “Master of the Slow Burn” might just turn out to be America’s next big sitcom star.

You can read more about the project and enjoy watching many of Edgar's RKO comedy shorts and other film appearances by visiting "Edgar Kennedy Restoration Project" on Facebook. Please "Like Edgar" to receive updates and consider leaving a comment and posting a link on your own Facebook page to help spread the word.

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Enjoy vintage Edgar Kennedy in "No More Relatives" (1947).

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