The Gabby Hayes Show

(1950) Cowboy legend Gabby Hayes spins folk tales and shows excerpts from famous western movies. "Well, howdy buckaroos, it's your old pal Gabby Hayes, with another rip roarin' Western yarn." That's how the lovable curmudgeon Hayes begins his introduction to edited versions of 1940's PRC westerns (starring Buster Crabbe, Eddie Dean, Lash La Rue, Tex Ritter, Hoot Gibson, etc.) Hayes begins and ends each episode with humorous tales of the exploits of his zany relatives as he happily whittles away.

It is difficult to determine which B-western is abridged in each episode, so only the cowboy hero is listed. The “Titles” refer to the tale tale that Gabby spins that day.

Vol. 1: Mosquito -- Buster Crabbe western
Chuck Wagon -- Tex Ritter “Whispering Skull”
Mountain Goat -- Buster Crabbe western
Long Rope -- Bob Steele western.

Vol. 2: Swan Dive-- Lash LaRue western
Silver Skate -- Eddie Dean western.
Jumpin’ Jack -- Bob Steele western.
Telescope Hayes -- Buster Crabbe western.

Vol. 3: Alarm Clock -- Bob Steele western
Plumber -- Lash La Rue western
Pretzels -- Buster Crabbe western
Bullwhip -- Tex Ritter, Dave O’Brien western.

Vol. 4: School Teacher -- Eddie Dean western
Iceberg Hayes -- Buster Crabbe western
Flapjacks Hayes -- Hoot Gibson western
Cobbler Hayes -- Buster Crabbe western

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