Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion

(1955-57) Action and adventure in the Foreign Legion with Buster Crabbe and Fuzzy Knight.

Vol. 1: The Legion is Our Home 10/30/1955 A new Legionnaire who is an ex-Nazi sergeant is accused of murdering his girlfriend's brother, and Gallant works on clearing his name.
Dr. Legionnaire 2/17/1957 Gallant and the fort's doctor are held hostage by natives wanting to save their sheik, threatening the entire Legion if they don't cooperate.
The Search (aka “Ransom”) 10/23/1955 A wealthy tourist visiting North Africa is kidnapped and held for ransom.
Esprit of Corps 3/20/1955 Novak, a new transfer with a bad record, bullies the other men until he is forced into battle beside them.

Vol. 2: The Little Boy Who Found Christmas 12/25/1955 Curly is disappointed when he finds out he cannot return to the States for Christmas. In the meantime, a caravan of gifts headed for the outpost is stolen.
Revenge 5/22/1955 A man about to be executed escapes, and wants to kill Gallant.
Cuffy’s Good Deed 11/25/1956 Cuffy tries to help an Italian woman find her son.
The Camel Race 3/13/1955 Fuzzy plans on entering his camel in a high-stakes race, but doesn't know bandits are planning to use it and another camel in recovering a stolen bankroll.

Vol. 3: As Long As There Will Be Money 5/29/1955 Gangsters threaten to attack a young Legionnaire's mother unless he helps them find a buried treasure.
Prayer Rug 4/17/1955 Gallant and his men try to find a priceless rug that has been stolen, one they had intended to give to the Caid as a symbol of their friendship.
Carnival in Zagora 3/27/1955 Fuzzy is jealous after his girlfriend reports a murder she witnessed to Gallant and tries to prove he's as big a hero as Gallant.
Dagger of Judah 6/26/1955 Gallant and Fuzzy go undercover to foil a plot to kidnap the Caid's son.

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