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The Jack Benny Show

(1951-1965) Jack Benny brought the radio program he had since 1932, with his underplayed humor, to TV along with his radio regulars -- Don Wilson, Dennis Day, Rochester, Mary Livingstone and Mel Blanc. Jack, who remained 39-years-old, kept his money in his basement and drove his old Maxwell car just as he had done on the radio.

Dorothy Shay (Hillbilly) Show 11/4/1951. While doing the opening monologue for his show, Jack finds himself constantly interrupted, first by guest Bob Crosby, who decides to start singing a song just as Jack is in the middle of telling a joke, and then by an overly talkative cab driver (Mel Blanc). This was the first regular show of the long running series!

Jack Gets Robbed 11/30/1952 Jack is pestered by a young autograph seeker, then Bob Crosby sings a medley of songs from "Peter Pan" to the child. After the show, Jack has trouble getting to sleep because of a leaky faucet and forces Rochester to rock his bed. Finally asleep, a pair of burglars try to ransack Jack's bedroom but are defeated by his booby traps.

Jack Rents His House 2/6/1953. Jack rents out his house.

The Fred Allen Show 4/19/1953 Fred does his best to get Jack fired by the sponsor and has himself in line as Jack's replacement. With guests Fred Allen and Edie Cantor

Honolulu Trip 9/13/1953 While Jack is returning from a trip to Honolulu, relaxing in a deck chair he falls asleep and dreams of romancing Marilyn Monroe, with guest Marilyn Monroe.

Humphrey Bogart Show 10/25/1953. Police Lt. Jack Benny questions notorious killer "Babyface" Bogart (guest star Humphrey Bogart).

Johnnie Ray Show 11/15/1953 Jack has a contract dispute with singer Johnnie Ray, with guests Johnnie Ray, Danny Thomas.

Irene Dunne Show 12/6/1953. Jack attempts to steal a movie role from Vincent Price, whom has been promised the lead in Irene Dunne's next picture, with Irene Dunne, Vincent Price.

Reminiscing About Last New Year's 12/27/1953. When the show's cast invites Jack to a big New Year's Eve party, he turns them down because he has a date with his new lady friend Gloria. A couple of hours later Jack finds himself at a "party" with his new date--Rochester.

The Liberace Show 1/17/1954. Jack visits the home of Liberace, but even he isn't ready for the outrageous extravagance he sees there.

Jack Dreams He’s Married to Mary 2/7/1954. Jack falls asleep and dreams that he and Mary have been married for the past 21 years. However, in Jack's world, Mary is the one who goes to work and earns the money, while Jack stays home, cooks, cleans and remains 39 years old.

Goldie, Fields and Glide 3/21/1954. Jack starts recalling his old vaudeville days and the tours he made with his two partners--Bing Crosby and George Burns--in their act billed as "Goldie, Fields and Glide".

Jam Session at Jack’s 10/11/1953. Jack invites some celebrity friends over to the house for one of his weekly jam sessions. This week's session includes Dan Dailey, Kirk Douglas, Fred MacMurray, Tony Martin, and Dick Powell.

How Jack Met Mary 10/31/1954. A reporter asks Jack how he found Mary, and Jack remembers himself as a straw-hatted Hollywood boulevardier, twirling a cane, singing "Just a Gigolo " - lured into a May Co. store by a sale on $ 1.99 guaranteed shirts. 22 years later as he's being interviewed, Jack's still wearing the garish shirt. Underwhelmed by Jack's charms, saleswoman Mary Livingstone cracks wise with Jack, while her female co-workers both slice him up and encourage Mary.

Road to Nairobi 5/23/1954. In this live episode, before the monologue, Bob Hope steals Jack's pants, so Jack wears Don Wilson's. The skit features Bob and Jack as big game hunters in Africa, who get captured by cannibals. Martin & Lewis do a cameo at the end.

Easter Seals Teleparade of Stars 4/2/1955. Fund raiser with Jack Benny, Liberace, Don Wilson, Bob Crosby and more.

Jack and Gisele MacKenzie's Violin Duet 1/23/1955. Jack and versatile performer and musician Gisele MacKenzie,pair up on violin and perform 2 musical pieces together. Gisele also plays and sings on piano the song "Smile". With great comedy from Jack and cast as well.

Four O’Clock in the Morning Show 2/6/1955. After being awakened at 4:00 a.m. by a phone call from "Hank, The All Night Radio DJ", Jack finds that he can't get back to sleep. Later that day, exhausted from lack of sleep, he and Mary go to a clothing store to buy him a new suit, but it turns into much more of an ordeal than he ever thought it would be.

Jack's Lunch Counter 2/20/1955. Jack runs a lunch counter where the customers must be quick on the draw, if they want their change.

Leaving for New York City 4/17/1955. To meet his sponsor in New York, Jack and Rochester pack their bags and a parrot and head to the train station. Their taxi driver is a blubbering wreck who hates to see people leaving.At the station they encounter friends like Don and Mr. Kitzel, and pests like Frank Nelson.

Peggy King & Art Linkletter Show 10/23/1955. Jack introduces Peggy King, the regular vocalist on "The George Gobel Show" who arouses Jack's ire when she tells him that George Gobel is "the best". In the second half of the show, Art Linkletter reprises his role as a children's interviewer from his show "House Party" and asks four youngsters about their romances. He then interviews Don Wilson, Peggy King, Rochester Van Jones and Jack Benny who pretend to be nine-year-olds.

Jack Gives Johnny Carson Advice 11/20/1955. "Jack Gives Johnny Carson Advice" about maintaining a long show business career through versatility, but Johnny turns the tables on him by displaying his many talents including singing, dancing and drumming.

New Year’s Day Show 1/1/1956. Essentially a filmed radio show, a few chairs and a microphone on a stage, Jack and company re-create what was a tradition on his radio show, a skit where "Old Year" packs up and moves out and "New Year" moves in.

Jack's Maxwell is Stolen 11/18/1956. Jack panics when Rochester informs him that his Maxwell automobile has been stolen from his garage and they immediately race to the opulent Beverly Hills police station where the dispatcher plays Elvis Presley and Lawrence Welk records between making police calls. The police discover the crooks have returned the car and apprehend one of the perpetrators who broke his toe kicking the car's tire.

Talent Show 1/6/1957. 12/30/1956. Jack holds tryouts for undiscovered talents to try and become regulars on his show.

Christmas Shopping Show 12/15/1957. Jack is determined to finish his Christmas shopping in one visit and tortures a wallet salesman (Mel Blanc) with constant changes to his order. Meanwhile, Dennis is having difficulty finding the right present for his mother.

Jimmy Stewart Show 11/15/1959. Jimmy & Gloria Stewart finally run out of excuses and the day they've dreaded for so long arrives: having to double date with Jack to an opera. To embarrass the classy Stewarts to the max, Jack's date is the way-over-the-top blonde banshee Mildred Meyerhouser.

Hong Kong Suit 11/6/1960. Jack has a violin duel with Gisele McKenzie. To primp for the show, Jack visits a swank Hollywood barber shop where the skinflint throws around nickels like manhole covers. Will he need Novocaine for his manicure this time?

Jack Casting for a TV Special 1/1/1961. Auditioning actors for a 1 hour show recounting his thrilling life provokes many emotions in Jack: lust for a young actress, vanity when an elderly woman from his hometown shows up, and especially greed. A young actor is perfect for Jack as a child, which the actor's 10 year old agent takes every advantage of.

Don Wilson's 27th Anniversary 1/15/1961. On the anniversary of Don Wilson's 27 years of service with Jack, he and Jack recall the first day they met, when Don showed up for an audition and Jack put him through dance and elocution classes to "whip him into shape".

New Year's Eve 12/31/1961. Re-make with different sets of the 1953 show "Reminiscing About Last New Year's. Some minor changes like Dennis Day appearing in a Father Time costume.

Jack Benny Hour 11/3/1965. The Beach Boys appear in a skit with Benny and Hope as surfers. Jack trys to weasel Disneyland tickets from Walt Disney. Also, a skit with Benny, Hope and Sommer in a takeoff on Italian movies. This was Benny's first special after the demise of his regular series. Benny obviously trys to appeal to the younger viewers by booking the very popular Beach Boys.

The Shower of Stars.

(1954) The Shower of Stars was a wonderful Musical Variety hour aired live once per month in the time period normally occupied by the dramatic anthology series Climax! Both were sponsored by the Chrysler Corporation and shared the same host, Mr. William Lundigan.

Volume 1:
1) Jack Benny host with Nanette Fabray, Johnny Ray and Rory Calhoun.
2) Tony Martin hosts with Vivian Vance, William Frawley and Mel Allen. 5/12/1955.

Volume 2:
1) Jack Benny hosts "Shower of Stars" with Liberace, Jayne Mansfield, Vincent Price, Rod McKuen and Joanie O’Brien.
2) The Chevy Show 1/29/1961 This episode of “The Dinah Shore Chevy Show” is subtitled “Swinging at the Summit” and does not include Dinah! It does, however, feature a stellar line up of Tony Bennett, Louis Armstrong (singing “Mack the Knife,” “Blueberry Hill” and others), Harpo Marx, George Shearing and Kay Starr. Big finale with all 5 stars performing to “As You Talk to the Man Upstairs.”

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