The Jack Benny Show

(1950-1965) Jack Benny brought the radio program he had since 1932, with his underplayed humor, to TV along with his radio regulars -- Don Wilson, Dennis Day, Rochester, Mary Livingstone and Mel Blanc. Jack, who remained 39-years-old, kept his money in his basement and drove his old Maxwell car just as he had done on the radio.

Vol. 1: Goldie, Fields and Glide
With Guests Bing Crosby and George Burns.
Honolulu Trip With guest Marilyn Monroe.
The Fred Allen Show
With guests Fred Allen and Edie Cantor
How Jack Met Mary Flashback to when Jack met his wife Mary Livingstone.

Vol. 2: Humphrey Bogart Show
Jack Casting for TV Special
Jack Alone on New Years Eve
Jack Dreams He’s Married to Mary

Vol. 3: The Liberace Show 1/17/1954
Lunch Counter Murder
New Year’s Day Show
Talent Show

Vol. 4: Jack Gets Robbed
Aka. “4 O’Clock in the Morning” show.
Jack Rents His House 2/6/1953
Jack’s Hong Kong Suit 11/8/1953
Jam Session at Jack’s 10/11/1953
With guests Fred MacMurray, Tony Martin, Dick Powell, Dan Dailey, Kirk Douglas.

Vol. 5: Beverly Hills Police Station 11/18/1956 Jack’s Maxwell is Stolen.
Bob Hope Show 5/23/1954 With Bob Hope, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis.
Christmas Shopping Show 12/15/1957 With Mel Blanc.
Don Wilson’s 27th Anniversary with Jack 1/15/1961

Vol. 6: Dorothy Shay (Hillbilly Show) 11/4/1951 With Bob Crosby, Mel Blanc.
4 O’Clock in Morning Show 2/6/1955
Irene Dunne Show 12/6/1953 With Irene Dunne, Vincent Price.
Johnnie Ray Show 11/15/1953 With guests Johnnie Ray, Danny Thomas.

Vol. 7: Jack Benny Hour Show
Jack Visits Walt Disney, with the Beach Boys, Bob Hope and Elke Sommers.
Easter Seals Teleparade of Stars
With Jack Benny, Liberace, Don Wilson, Bob Crosby and more.

Vol. 8: Jimmy Stewart Show 11/4/1951
Peggy King & Art Linkletter 10/23/1955 Art interviews Jack, Don, Rochester and Peggy as 9-year-old kids.
Jack's Maxwell is Stolen 7/16/1956 With
Johnnie Ray Show 11/15/1953 With guests Johnnie Ray, Danny Thomas.

The Shower of Stars.

(1954) The Shower of Stars was a wonderful Musical Variety hour aired live once per month in the time period normally occupied by the dramatic anthology series Climax! Both were sponsored by the Chrysler Corporation and shared the same host, Mr. William Lundigan.

Volume 1:
1) Jack Benny host with Nanette Fabray, Johnny Ray and Rory Calhoun.
2) Tony Martin hosts with Vivian Vance, William Frawley and Mel Allen. 5/12/1955.

Volume 2:
1) Jack Benny hosts "Shower of Stars" with Liberace, Jayne Mansfield, Vincent Price, Rod McKuen and Joanie O’Brien.
2) The Chevy Show 1/29/1961 This episode of “The Dinah Shore Chevy Show” is subtitled “Swinging at the Summit” and does not include Dinah! It does, however, feature a stellar line up of Tony Bennett, Louis Armstrong (singing “Mack the Knife,” “Blueberry Hill” and others), Harpo Marx, George Shearing and Kay Starr. Big finale with all 5 stars performing to “As You Talk to the Man Upstairs.”

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