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Sci-Fi / Horror Posters!

Many Sci-Fi & Horror films are included in our Matinee Series, the 12 Nights of Horror, Turkeys in Space and other series.
Those programs include a serial chapter, and it is fun to see just one chapter of Flash Gordon or Undersea Kingdom.
However, the posters on this page promote Café Roxy programs that are not part of the other series and do not contain serial chapters.
They do contain cartoons or shorts to spice up the show.

Posters with shorts and a spot to put your name and showtime info represent finished Programs that are ready to go.
Plain posters like "Giant Leeches" and "Tormented" will be "Roxified" with shorts upon request.



Film Noir!


Drama & Romance!

You can click on any poster to open it full size. Then print it out, add your showtime info and use to promote your showing.
You can also add any poster Jpeg to your own website.

If you display these posters, will they come?

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