Movie Memories


Movie Activities!

Movie Activities are specially designed for retirement communities looking for new activities. They are also ideal for schools, churches, American Legion Posts, cafés and bars, cruise ships and anywhere people gather to have a good time. The three separate but related Movie Activities are Movie Memories, CineQwiz and Café Roxy Matinees. Each has been tested with great success!

Explore them on their own pages, but briefly:

1) Movie Memories

Movie Memories is intended as a therapy tool to encourage seniors to recall and discuss their pasts. A staff member shows a film segment (from a DVD menu) and then asks questions from a Study Guide related to what they have just seen. (Peruse a sample Study Guide to see how it works.) The participants are encouraged to reminisce about whatever they want! This leads to active discussion within small groups.

The film clips in each volume include TV ads, vintage car and train rides, newsreels, jazz musical numbers, TV quiz shows, Sci-fi and Horror Trailers, cartoons, serial highlights, plus personalities from the past like Shirley Temple, Bing Crosby, Milton Berle, Howdy Doody, Jack Webb, Lucy, Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope and so many more memories.

Movie Memory DVDs may also be watched straight through for entertainment. The vintage musical numbers have been known to reach patients with alzheimers.

2) CineQwiz

CineQwiz is an interactive DVD game that may be played in teams. To play CineQwiz, short segments of cartoons, comedy shorts, serial chapters or features are run on a TV or projected in a meeting room. Onscreen questions with four possible answers (some humorous) follow each clip. A QwizMaster reads the questions and answers onscreen, then pauses the DVD until everyone is set to go on. Players jot down their A, B, C or D choices on blank paper or Score Cards, then exchange papers for tabulating at the end.

The answers are revealed by two options:
1) If the game is allowed to continue, the answers will appear onscreen at the conclusion. The Qwiz Master’s only job is to regulate the pace and help determine a winner.

2) Or the QwizMaster can halt the game and read the answers, including jokes and film trivia from her secret crib sheet. This method is more interactive with the players and more fun.

3) Café Roxy Matinees

Classic movies from the 1930s thru the 1950s are presented like Matinees with cartoons, comedy shorts, newsreels and an adventure serial chapter preceeding each feature. The programs (on DVD) can be enjoyed by groups or individuals and may be archived in a video library. Public performance rights are included.