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Public Domain Catalog

Lost and Rare

Festival Films!

Welcome! Public Domain films have been the stock in trade of Festival Films for over 40 years. We began in 1976 by selling 16mm films to colleges and libraries. Since then we have acquired thousands of Public Domain films and TV shows. We constantly add titles and update quality with new film to video transfers. Films are sold on DVD-R and Mpeg2 video file formats. Watch the video below for a look at the many uses of Public Domain films.

Then click on the vintage TV set on the left to reach our catalog of Public Domain features, TV shows and more! Click on the Cafe Roxy Sign for "Variety Programs" with features, shorts and cartoons! Click on Lost & Rare for exclusive rare films! Check out Movie Memories for a unique ACTIVITY for Seniors!

DVD-R & Mpeg2 Files

All titles in the Public Domain Catalog are available on top-quality, economical DVD-R format as well as Mpeg2 Video Files for Internet streaming. Many TV stations use DVD-R for their broadcasts. DVD-R also works well for online streaming, although some prefer Mpeg2 files all ready to upload. Please call to discuss which format might be best for you.

We supply Cafe Roxy Programs on DVD-R because most movie theaters and other venues have DVD projection or large screen TVs in place.

DVD-R Prices start at $30 for a feature film, 4 half-hour TV shows or a Cafe Roxy program, with discounts for volume purchases. DVDs come with a statement as to why each film or films are in the public domain. A free DVD sampler disc is available on request.

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Other Formats

Beta-SP, DVCam and other high-range masters are available for those specialized users who demand top quality, for instance to master commercial DVDs or for national TV broadcast. Please inquire about prices for these formats.

Quality Guarantee!

Whenever possible the videos have been transferred from 35mm film for maximum quality. Some serials and TV shows were transferred from 16mm originals.

Any film found to be of inferior quality may be exchanged for another title. Some films because of their age or rarity are simply not available in perfect condition. Whenever better material turns up, we upgrade our masters. There are no company logos or watermarks over the picture, and none of those "scary" FBI Warnings that do not apply to PD films.

Definitely Public Domain

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The PD Catalog contains mostly American films made before 1964. These carefully researched films have been considered to be in the public domain in the USA for many years. Why is a film in the public domain? Study all about it in this Copyright Discussion. Briefly, films fall into the public domain because they were never properly registered with the Library of Congress in the first place or were not renewed as required by the prevailing copyright laws at the time.

Each film comes with a specific statement as to why it is in the public domain!

So no royalties and no fears. Public Domain Films may be broadcast on cable TV, on the Internet, duplicated freely, sold on DVD, used for stock footage in various projects and shown to audiences everywhere!