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Program Pricing

The price depends on what format you need and your use.

1) BetaSP, DigiBeta, DVCam and Hard Drive.

We can supply films on these higher end formats for users who need maximum quality with minimum compression. Hard Drive refers to transferring a single film from 1" to hard drive. These masters are prepared by professional video labs who charge accordingly. Prices vary for these formats so please inquire.

2) DVD-R!

Cable TV stations, movie theaters, schools, libraries, ad agencies and online streamers find great success with the more economical DVD-R format. I can send a free sample disc so you can see the range of quality and see how the format plays in your situation.

All DVD-R discs cost the same whether they contain a long feature film, 2 short features, 4 half-hour TV shows, a full disc of cartoons or a Café Roxy program.

3) Mpeg-2 Video Files.

Video Files all ready for Internet streaming or TV broadcasting can be supplied on external hard drives. Pricing is similar to DVD-R although somewhat lower when purchased in volume. To be specific, half-hour TV shows are around $5 per show, and Feature Films about $16. Inquire about additional discounts for specific orders.

4) Café Roxy programs where admission is charged.

For movie theaters and film societies where admission is charged -- $35 per DVD-R. Discount Price for all 12 programs of any series such as Golden Turkeys or 12 Nights of Horror: $25 per program. Café Roxy programs are not available on Mpeg-2.

5) All Other Users!

For cafes and bars where no admission is charged, for television, for the Internet, and, well, for whatever you come up with... the price for a single DVD-R is $30. Discounts are available for volume purchases.

Please call me at 952-470-2172 or email to to discuss your particular situation and any pricing discount that might apply.

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Order by email, phone or fax to 952-470-2172, or purchase orders from institutions.
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Terms of Use

The special content of Café Roxy programs is © by Festival Films. We grant permission to use Roxy shows on TV and elsewhere, but they may not be duplicated and re-sold.

The Public Domain films that are not part of a Roxy program are... in the Public Domain! They may be duplicated, sold, broadcast on TV or the internet and used in other ways. Note that if you use an excerpt from a public domain film in another work like a documentary, then you might need to pay music rights or for the use of the likenesses of any famous people appearing in the film clips.