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Selected Short Subjects!

Theatrical Short Subjects were widely shown in movie theaters through the 1960s. These are available on Mpeg2 video files as well as DVDs.

Charlie Chaplin!

Buster Keaton Karnivals!


Adventure Serials!

More Comedy Shorts!

Shirley Temple Festival (1930's)
Fabulous and funny Shirley Shorts from the early 1930s before her feature film career:
War Babies (9m/1932)
Kid In Africa (8m/1933)
Dora's Dunking Donuts (20m/1933)
Pardon My Pups (18m/1934)
Merrily Yours (21m/1933)
Glad Rags to Riches (10m/1933)

Bing Crosby at Mack Sennett (1930's)
Bing Crosby's first starring comedies were made for Mack Sennett:
I Surrender Dear (22m/1931)
One More Chance (20m/1931)
Dream House (19m/1932)
Billboard Girl (21m/1932)
Blue of the Night (16m/1933)
Sing, Bing, Sing (13m/1933)

Our Gang Comedies
SILENT ERA SHORTS with musical accompaniment:
THE BIG SHOW (21m/1923) The Gang stages a carnival and a movie show.
BOYS WILL BE JOYS (17m/1925) Gang builds their own amusement park.
DERBY DAY (27m/1923) The Gang visits a race track, then stages their own derby.
DOGS OF WAR (27m/1923) The Gang plays war games, then runs around the Hal Roach studio and meets Harold Lloyd.
THE FOURTH ALARM (21m/1926) Gang builds own firehouse, then mixes with a real fire.
HIGH SOCIETY (25m/1924) The Gang disrupts a wealthy household.
MONKEY BUSINESS (25m/1926) Farina befriends an escaped chimp.
SUNDOWN LIMITED (26m/1924) The Gang visits train yard, then builds their own line.

SOUND ERA Our Gang Shorts:
BEAR SHOOTERS (20m/1930) Jackie, Chubby, Farina and the Gang go camping, but run into poachers and a bear.
SCHOOL'S OUT (21m/1930) The Gang thinks Miss Crabtree's brother is a suitor and set out to discourage him.
OUR GANG FOLLIES OF 1938 (22m/1938) While the Gang puts on a show in a barn, Alfalfa dreams he is an opera singer.
WALDO'S LAST STAND (11m/1940) Spanky, Darla and the Little Rascals put on a show to sell Waldo's lemonade.

Clark and McCullough Comedy Festival (1931-'33) Starring: Bobby Clark and Jimmy Finlayson: The Gay Nighties, Snug in the Jug, False Roomers and Jitters the Butler.

Three Stooges Shorts
Disorder in the Court (17m/1936)
Sing a Song of Six Pants (17m/1947)
The Brideless Groom (17m/1947)
Malice in the Palace (16m/1949)
TV Pilot Show (21m/1949)
Color Skits with 3 Stooges (26m/1962)

W.C. Fields Festival -- The Great Man in...
"The Golf Specialist" (21m/1930)
"Fatal Glass of Beer" (19m/1933)
"The Dentist" (22m/1932)

Leon Errol Festival Leon Errol 2-reel comedies:
Dummy Owner (19m/1938)
Fixing a Stew (20m/1934)
Framing Fathers (18m/1942)
Follow That Blonde (18m/1946)
Mail Trouble (19m/1942)
Man-I-Cured (20m/1941)
Moving Vanities (18m/1939)
Panic in the Parlor (18m/1941)
Triple Trouble (17m/1944)

Edgar Kennedy RKO Comedy Shorts:
Apple in His Eye 1941 Edgar makes pies for wife's bazaar.
Baby Daze 1939 Edgar mistakenly believes he is about to become father.
Big Beef 1945 Edgar struggles to put beef on the table during wartime.
Drafted in the Depot 1940 Edgar gets accidentally drafted in the reserve.
Edgar Hamlet 1935 The family argues over Shakespeare
Feather Your Nest 1944 Lost ring leads to conflict with neighbor chicken farmer.
Gasoloons 1936 Family buys and runs a gas station.
Good House Wrecking 1933 Kennedy family becomes interior decorators.
Hold Your Temper 1943 Edgar told he can't lose his temper anymore.
I'll Fix it 1941 Edgar tries a home plumbing job himself.
It's your Move 1945 Edgar tries to sell Florence's washing machine.
Kennedy the Great 1939 Edgar becomes amateur magician.
Mad About Moonshine 1941 Edgar acquires southern plantation.
Motor Maniacs 1946 Old beau Tom Kennedy visits Dot Farley.
Mutiny in the County 1940 Edgar must appear in court on day boys rule on cases.
Never the Twins Shall Meet 1932 Roscoe Ates plays twins who meet after years apart.
Next Door Neighbors 1931 Composer Edgar battles with neighbor for quiet.
The Other Fellow 1937 Educational film on safe driving by Chevrolet.
Poisoned Ivory 1934 Family strife and medicine mix-up on Christmas Eve.
Radio Rampage 1944 Family strife and medicine mix-up on Christmas Eve.
Rough on Rents 1942 Edgar rents his apartment to a party animal.
Slightly at Sea 1940 Edgar buys a boat but has problems getting it into the water.
Sock Me to Sleep 1935 Edgar has problems with boxer Tom Kennedy.
What No Cigarettes 1945 Gags about the smoking shortage during WW-2.
Will Power 1936 Mystical will power is scheme to get brother a job.
Wrong Direction 1934 Edgar directs a movie, with the family ruining every take.

Musical Shorts!
Melody in May (1936) with Ruth Etting.
La Cucaracha (1934, color) First 3-strip IB Tech film.
Masks and Memories (1934) with Lillian Roth.
Fiesta (1943, color) 40 min. Hal Roach featurette.

Hours of Musical Soundies from the 1940s.