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Space Patrol

(1950-55) Commander Corey and youthful Cadet Happy roam the 30th century universe in their ship "Terra" fighting super-villains Mr. Proteus and Prince Baccarratti and other badguys. Captured baddies get zapped with the Paralyzer, then get reprogrammed with the Brainograph.

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Volume 1:
Errand of Mercy 10/11/1952
The Human Trap 12/6/1952
The Deadly Sunbeam 12/20/1952
The Rifle Arsenal 1/10/1953

Volume 2:
Operation Rescue 2/21/1953
Laughing Alien 3/28/1953
Theft of the Terra Five 7/4/1953
Mysterious Ocean in Space 7/18/1953

Volume 3:
Deadly Radiation Chamber 2/13/1954
Plot in the Atomic Plant 2/20/1954
Blazing Sun of Mercury 2/27/1954
Big Proteus Swindle 3/6/1954

Volume 4:
Escape of Mr. Proteus 3/13/1954
Mr. Proteus and Poison Gas 3/20/1954
Capture of Mr. Proteus 4/3/1954
Evil Spirits of Great Thunderbird 4/24/1954

Volume 5:
Prisoners of Giant Comet 5/7/1954
Demon Planet 5/14/1954
Lost in Galactic Space 5/21/1954
Hidden Treasure of Mars 5/28/1954

Volume 6:
Exploding Stars 11/13/1954
Revenge of the Black Falcon 12/4/1954
Androids of Algol 1/22/1955
Double Trouble 1/29/1955

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