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Shotgun Slade

(1959-1960) Shotgun Slade was a lawman in the 1860's. He used a a custom made double-barreled shotgun which shot both a shotgun shell and a rifle bullet. Starring Scott Brady.

Shotgun Slade

Vol. 1: A Flower on Boot Hill 6/11/1960. On his way to investigate a robbery, Slade is ambushed and robbed of his gun and clothes by escaped prisoners.
Backtrack 5/28/1960
Charcoal Bullet 7/1/1960. Slade goes to see Peggy at the bank before he leaves town. While there the bank is robbed. A drunken artist had overheard a conversation about the robbery and does a charcoal drawing of one of the robbers and passes out. Slade is almost gunned down by the robber that he has the drawing of. Slade realizes that there must be someone else in on the robbery.
Donna Juanita 4/15/1960.

Vol. 2: The Deadly Key 3/8/1960. Slade is hired to recover a key to hidden treasure.
The Golden Tunnel 4/22/1960.
The Smell of Money 11-23-1956
The Spanish Box 5/27/1960 Slade is hired by Bill Wharton to deliver a box to a man in Lodestone. The box explodes, killing the recipient and Slade ends up in jail.

Vol. 3: The Killer’s Brand 6/4/1960.
Lost Gold 7/5/1960 The Gold Run Mining Company discovers that large quantities of gold ore are disappearing.
A Flower for Jenny 4/29/1960 A singer working at the Deadwood Saloon asks Slade for help. She thinks someone is trying to kill her.
Ring of Death (aka Ring of Truth) 6/3/1960 Joe comes back from Abilene and gives Kate an engagement ring. Only problem is that Kate is in love with Len. Len kills Joe and steals the $20000 he got from the sale of cattle in Abilene. When Slade arrives, Kate gets nervous.

Shotgun Slade Vol. 4: The Salted Mine Pilot episode and co-starring Ernie Kovacs and Marie Windsor. A.S. Batson (Windsor) purchased a mine for $40,000. She sent for Slade to help her prove the mine was salted and that she had been defrauded.
Too Smart To Live (1959) Slade heard about a bank robbery and wants to investigate to see if he can get some reward money. On the way he gets a note with an offer to meet a man to help solve the robbery.
The Lady and the Piano (1960)
Plus -- Frontier Doctor "Man to Man" Dr. Bill Baxter (Rex Allen) becomes involved with a boy and his drunken father who once served with Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders.

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