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The Star and the Story

(1955-56) An anthology series from Four Star Productions, who also made Four Star Playhouse and Stage 7. The famous star in each episode was allowed to pick his own story.

Edmond O'Brien

Vol. 1: Safe Journey 2/5/1955 Frank Lovejoy. On a train, a reporter tries to interview a convict who is being sent to testify at an important underworld trial.
Ferry to Fox Island 1/29/1955 Edmond O'Brien. A thief accidentally kills a man and then falls in love with the victim's widow.
The Lie1/22/1955 Dan Duryea, Beverly Garland. A tuberculosis victim is befriended by a guilt-ridden woman whose false testimony sent him to prison.
Dark Stranger 1/8/1955 Joanne Woodward, Edmond O'Brien. An author, in love with a girl who resembles his ill-fated fictional heroine, begins to fear for the real girl's life.

Vol. 2: The Thin Line 3/17/1956 David Niven. A former bandleader just released from a mental institution, Johnny returns home to make a startling discovery. We relive the days prior to his confinement through the eyes of Tubby, a former member of the band.
Desert Story 6/4/1955 Jan Sterling. A socialite kills an Army chaplain's wife in an auto accident and then cares for his children.
The Lady's Game 4/23/1955 Charles Coburn. An Englishman is blackmailed by a dancer after winning at roulette.
Hand to Hand 5/14/1955 Zachary Scott. Youth vs. middle age in this tale of rivalry between two bullfighting brothers.

Vol. 3: Her Crowning Glory 4/9/1955 Teresa Wright. A girl bolsters her morale with an expensive hat as she goes job hunting.
The Man Who Was Dead 11/12/1955 Thomas Mitchell, Chuck Connors. After his funeral, a man returns from the dead to bring help to the living.
Act of Decision 3/10/1956 Frank Lovejoy. On the eve of an important game, the winning and well-liked coach of a small-college football team finds out from the police that his star player, Watkins, has been out late and speeding with a girl in his car.
Arab Duel 2/18/1956 Sidney Blackmer, Hugh O'Brian. A motion picture producer's love for his wife leads him to desperate measures.

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