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Movie Memory Time is a Group Activity that encourages Reminiscing. Gather friends and family around a large screen TV or computer. Watch a short, entertaining film together that spotlights some universal aspect of growing up such as toys, cars, movies, pets, TV shows, ice cream, pop music, sports, hobbies, school, parents and a never ending parade of shared humanity. The films will spark memories from your childhood, teen years or twenties. Onscreen questions guide the discussion that follows as the group exchanges pleasant or haunting memories from their pasts.

Movie Memory Time Sessions are fun whatever your age. They can be watched alone, with friends or with grandchildren as a bridge to bygone days. They work exceptionally well as an Activity in retirement communities, even with Seniors who have Alzheimers! Entertainment, interaction, sharing memories and super fun!

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Matinee Poster Movie Memory Time has tested with excellence:
“The assisted living group really LOVED it. They were engaged, had a lot of discussion and said that it reminded them of the past. They are looking forward to doing it again and would like to do it monthly. I think the new music programs will be great for Alzheimers Unit, they respond better to music.”
(Minnesota Masonic Homes)

The purpose of Movie Memories is to open doors to the past and share what we recall. We all have memories of growing up and raising a family. What better way to revisit those days than by watching films from our formative years to jog memory and then reminisce with friends?

These 4 Volumes of Movie Memories are available now on DVD with Discussion Guides. You can see which short films are in each volume and peruse the Discussion Guides to gauge their popularity as an activity for therapy and social interaction in your community.

Pricing for Movie Memories

One Volume of Movie Memories with Discussion Guide and public performance rights is $49.95.

4-Pack Discount: Any 4 Volumes with 4 Discussion Guides, 70 Movie Memories, hundreds of catalyst questions, and hours and hours of Activity Fun is... $175.00.

Purchase orders are accepted, or we can simply bill any retirement, senior or health care facility.

Movie Memories are guaranteed to entertain and interact with your audience. They may be returned if they fail to exceed your expectations!

Movie Memories are licensed for unlimited use within the institutions they are sold to. Public performance rights are included. Movie Memories are © by Ron Hall and may not be duplicated without permission. Television broadcast, other than closed circuit broadcast within the institution, is prohibited. Internet and other such uses are also reserved.

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