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"Swords and Sandals" Epics!

"Swords and Sandals" affectionately refers to Hercules-type muscleman films -- all seemingly made in Italy in the early 1960s. All films are available in DVD-R format and MPEG2 video files.

Goliath and Dragon Poster

Atlas in the Land of Cyclops (1961, Italy) Color, 100m. Strongman Maciste/Atlas must battle the one-eyed Cyclops monster that is ravaging the land of Sadok, while at the same time fending off the advances of the evil Queen Capys.

Giant of Metropolis (1961, Italy) Color, 98m. Gordon Mitchell. Muscleman Ohro battles the evil and super science in Atlantis.

Giants of Thessaly (1960, Italy) Color, 98m. Roland Carey. In order to placate the angry gods, who have allowed Thessaly to be overrun with barbarian invaders and beset with natural disasters, King Jason takes his Argonauts on a search for the fabled Golden Fleece.

Goliath and the Dragon (1960, Italy) Color, 87m. Mark Forest, Broderick Crawford. A warrior returning home to his country must battle giant bats, three-headed dogs and a vicious dragon to save his wife and his people from an evil ruler.

Goliath and the Sins of Babylon (1963, Italy) Color, 80m. Mark Forest as Goliath battles for the freedom of the Babylonian people.

Hercules in Haunted World Poster

Hercules and the Captive Women (1961, Italy) Color, 94m. Reg Park. Strong yet sleepy Hercules discovers that the Queen of Atlantis is plotting to take over the world with superhuman warriors.

Hercules and the Princess of Troy (1965, Italy/USA) Color, 47m. Gordon Scott in a TV pilot that never became a series.

Hercules in the Haunted World (1961, Italy) Color, 71m. Reg Park. Hercules must journey in Hades itself to retrieve the magic stone that will free his love from the powers of darkness.

Hercules Unchained (1959, Italy) Color, 87m. Steve Reeves, Sylva Koscina. While negotiating peace between two brothers contesting the throne of Thebes, an amnesiac Hercules is seduced by the evil Queen Omphale.

Herod the Great (1959, Italy) Color, 93m. Edmund Purdom. Herod, King of Judea, is made a prisoner by the Romans, and is then betrayed by his lieutenant Aaron.

Son of Cleopatra (1964, Italy) Color, 103m. Mark Damon. In Roman-dominated Egypt, the corrupt administration of a governor named Petronius has sparked a revolt headed by El Kabir.

Son of Samson (1960, Italy) Color, 89m. Mark Forest. Maciste/Samson travels to Egypt, where he leads a revolt against an evil queen.

The White Warrior (1959, Italy/Yugo.) Color, 91m. Steve Reeves. The story of Hadji Murad, a 19th-century Chechen chieftain who led his warriors in a fight against the invading forces of the Russian Czar.