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Movie Memories Volumes!

Nothing stirs memory more than re-seeing the movies of one’s youth. Movie Memories from the 1930s to 1960s may be enjoyed on their own again and again, or a moderator can guide a journey into the past for those who would like to share the memories woken by the films.

A session of Movie Memories requires a meeting place with a DVD player and a television or projection TV system. A group leader plays a film segment to those assembled. At the end of each film four questions come onscreen followed by the word “Memories," which is the cue to pause the DVD and re-ask the questions. Lively responses will flood the room!

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Each Volume contains 3 DVDs of 45-55 min. running time of the films. Sharing memories can double the length of a session, so all films on one disc may not be used at one sitting.

Movie Memories Volume ONE:

(2-1/2 hours on 3 DVDs)
“The Fifth Freedom” with Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Perry Como
Cartoon: “In My Merry Oldsmobile”
“Universal Newsreel” of 1955 -- cars, fashions, robots and Ike
Shirley Temple in “The Little Princess”
Lena Horne sings in “Boogie Woogie Dream”
Lucy & the Monkey on "The Lucy Show"
Liberace Hawaii Tribute
Roy Rogers is “King of the Cowboys”
Cartoon: “Balloon Land”
Birth of the automobile: “America on Wheels”
TV Toy Commercials from the 1950s
“Radar Men From the Moon” -- Chapter #2
“The All-Star Bond Rally”
Sing-Along Cartoon: “The Golden State”
Restoration of the Civil War railroad train “The General”
Awful but Funny Sci-Fi film: “The Giant Claw”
Highlights from “The Most Dangerous Game”

This Discussion Guide aids reminiscing and discussion of topics related to the film.

Movie Memories Volume TWO:

(2-1/2 hours on 3 DVDs)
“The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet”
Betty Boop Cartoon: “The Candid Candidate”
1957 Universal Newsreel
Bing & Bob Trailer: “Road to Singapore”
TV Commercials from the 1950s.
See Florida in “Roads to Romance”
“Horror Movie Trailers”
“Farm Foolery” Sing-Along cartoon
Bing Crosby and George Burns on “The Jack Benny Show”
“Mainline USA” Train Short
Eat a talking hot dog at “Intermission Time”
Our Gang in “Waldo's Last Stand”
Part 2 of “All-Star Bond Rally”
Serial Ending for “The Phantom Creeps”
“Dinah Shore” plugs Chevrolets
George Pal Puppetoon “Philips Broadcast”
Highlights of Roy Rogers in “Heldorado”

Read the Discussion Guide for Volume Two!

Movie Memories Volume THREE:

(2-1/2 hours on 3 DVDs)
“The Pinky Lee Show” starring Pinky Lee
Edgar Kennedy in “The Other Fellow”
Levittown, PA in 1953 (part 1): “Our Home Town”
1950's Doll Icon: “Story of Betsy Wetsy”
1935 Color Cartoon “Dancing on the Moon”
Gabby Hayes in “The Gabby Hayes Show”
1955 Universal Newsreel
Cartoon Sing-Along: “Sing or Swim”
Fats Waller sings “Ain’t Misbehavin’”
Chevy Cars: “The Santa Cruz Trail” and “Corvair in Action”
Drive-In Ads & Horror Trailers!
Abbott and Costello Magic Routine
Pepsi Commercials
Cartoon: “Play Safe”
“I Surrender Dear” starring Bing Crosby! (Part 1)
Gene Autry in “The Phantom Empire”
Laurel and Hardy in “Flying Deuces”

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Movie Memories Volume FOUR:

“Life With Elizabeth” starring Betty White
Cartoon: “The Mild West”
Superman plugs: “Kelloggs Cereal Ads”
Musical Soundies “Jimmy Dorsey & Gene Krupa”
TV Game Show: “Stump the Stars”
Trailers to “Hollywood Gorilla Films”
Levittown, PA in 1954 (part 2): “Our Home Town”
Our Gang in “Lodge Night”
Popeye cartoon: “Little Swee’Pea”
“A Wonderful World of Fords”
“I Surrender Dear” starring Bing Crosby (part 2)
Serial Thrills: “The Undersea Kingdom”
Murder Mystery highlights: “The Kennel Murder Case”

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