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P.D. Robot!

Public Domain Enforcer!

P.D. Robot says: "Got work for PD? Will work for nuts and bolts. Hire me!"

"Tap into the matrix of public domain knowledge in my smiling head. Read up on Copyrights and Public Domain. Browse this website to see which films are in the public domain. Show films legally and for free on the side of your garage to annoy your neighbors. When the cops show up, P.D. Robot will fight by your side!"

Notes: The man inside the robot suit in the parking lot is me, Ron Hall, on my way to the Mystery Science Theater 3000 party and costume contest at their 1994 convention. Yes, Dr. Zorka's Robot from "The Phantom Creeps" serial won first prize, which was a MST3k devil dog prop from one of their productions. The head of P.D. Robot lives in the basement (where else?) Contrary to what P.D. says, public domain advice is free to anyone reading this.

Ron Hall
President, Festival Films
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