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Hudson's Bay

(1959) Starring Barry Nelson and George Tobias. Western Series dealing with stories connected to the Hudson's Bay Company and its fur trade shortly after North America was colonized. Trappers, Explorers, Native Americans, French and British alike all traveled the territory seeking their fortunes and finding fame and adventure. Available on DVD-R or Mpeg2 digital format.

Battle of the Mississippi Jonathan Banner discovers American soldiers on an expedition to find the source of the Mississippi River, which they hope is the natural border between the U.S. and Canada.
Gentleman's Adventure A new Hudson's Bay ambassador to a fort comes into conflict with local Indians.
Voice in the Wilderness In 1817, Falcon and Banner are sent to Fort Gannon to stop whiskey traders from disrupting the fur trade. The three whiskey traders make the first move, attacking and injuring a preacher integrated into a Native American community.
Mysterious Journey Jonathan Banner and Pierre Falcon are sent to exhume the corpse of Moore (a mass murderer) and bring it back to their fort.
Martinet Jonathan Banner and Pierre Falcon are sent on a mission with the British military, led by Captain Malton, who immediately suspects Banner of mutiny.
Old Dog The lovely Maggie MacGregor resists her arranged marriage to the old frontiersman Cluny, a match coordinated by her father. It is common knowledge that Maggie and young Colin Shaw are in love.
Revelry at Red Deer A drunken party to celebrate end of the trapping season turns into murder.
Blue-Eyed Squaw Jonathan Banner and Pierre Falcon are sent on a special assignment from Fort Gannon to meet with Standing Bear. When the arrive, they meet Standing Bear's "adopted" daughter, blonde-haired blue-eyed Lucy Shepherd, who was orphaned at a young age and has grown up in the tribe.
An Eye for an Eye Factor Hall at Fort King calls for Banner and Falcon, and upon their arrival they see a barricade of Indians surrounding the camp. White Buffalo, the son of the chief has been killed, and his murderer is imprisoned in Fort King awaiting trial.
McLeod's Witch McLeod comes to Banner with a strange request - come to his cabin and shoot a witch with a silver bullet.
The Coward When a British patrol is ambushed by Indians, their green drummer boys flees into the woods. Disobeying orders, Banner leads a group of Hudson's Bay men to the rescue and nearly falls into a trap.
The Duel Montgomery Velvet, a notorious dueler, arrives at the fort intent on dueling Jonathan Banner. He provokes him in front of Pierre Falcon, the factor Balfour, and his daughter Joanna.
Bosom Friends A strong-willed young woman comes to Fort Gannon in search of her fiancé, Harry Sinclair, whom she learns is a alcoholic accused of cowardice.
Retribution While the fort's commander is away, a young martinet sentences a Shoshone Indian to death based upon perjured testimony. Banner tries to delay the execution of the sentence until he can conduct an informal investigation of the crime.
Partners A violent outlaw (Jingo) shows up at the fort. Pierre Falcon recognizes him immediately to be his former partner Jingo, who he thought was dead.
The Crees Banner has a crisis of conscience after he and Falcon wipe out an attacking Cree war party that consisted only of boys. He travels to the Cree Indian camp in hopes of ending the ceaseless bloodshed.
Five Against Sunrise Banner, Falcon and three other white men are held captive by Cree Indians. Chief Blood is convinced that one of the whites kidnapped and murdered an Indian girl.
Jury of His Peers When Banner and Falcon find Tom Parker bludgeoned to death, the local settlers become convinced that a Barvarian immigrant committed the crime because he had the murdered man's horse and rifle in his possession.
The Law Banner and Falcon try to open trade with Spotted Elk and his Northern Cheyenne tribe. The difficult negotiations founder when a young trapper insists on making unwanted advances to the Indian chief's lovely daughter.
Black Barrier Faced with a dwindling supply of furs to send to Great Britain, the governor of the Hudson's Bay Company desperately needs to create a relationship with the Blackfeet Indians whose land contains untapped resources, but each trading party sent to treat with them is massacred.

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