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The Bob Cummings Show

(1955-59) Aka. "Love That Bob." Cast: Bob Cummings, Ann Davis, Dwayne Hickman, Rosemary DeCamp. Cummings plays Bob Collins, a hot photographer we're supposed to believe is a freewheeling playboy, living in squeaky clean 1950s Hollywood. Bob's business consists almost exclusively of shooting glamour girls, who Bob pursues with a singleness of purpose.

Episodes are available in Mpeg2 or Mpeg4 digital files.

Bob Cummings Show

Bob Judges a Beauty Contest 12/16/1958. Bob is a judge in an Air Force beauty contest, but they really want Peter Lawford (who guest stars).
Bob and Schultzy Reunite 9/23/1958. Schultzy quits to take a job at a rocket factory and Bob hires a ditzy replacement. Both are miserable.
Grandpa Attends a Convention 5/6/1958. Grandpa Collins returns to attend a convention of military buddies.
Grandpa’s Christmas Visit 12/22/1952. Bob’s grandpa visits and tries to steal Bob’s date at a Christmas Eve party.
Grandpa’s Old Buddy 3/18/1958. Grandpa and his old friend Charlie (Andy Clyde) plan to run off with two of Bob’s models.
Collins the Crooner 12/9/1958. A newspaper columnist prints that Bob is going to record an album—prompting everyone to get into his act.
Bob and the Dumb Blonde 9/30/1958. Shultzy attempts to sway Bob's interest in his "Marilyn Monroe-ish" temporary secretary.
Bob in Orbit 11/18/1958. Wacky Grandpa fly´s his plane and bombs the base which causes a big mess for Bob.
Bob Plays Margaret’s Game 12/23/1958. Margaret gets upset at Bob teaching Chuck about women, so she sets out to teach him a lesson.
Grandpa Moves West 12/30/1958. Everyone thinks that Grandpa has taken up with a young girl acrobat, but it turns out that it's just a chimpanzee.
Bob Butters Beck: Beck Butters Better 12/2/1958. Bob woos a disc jockey to promote a record that Chuck made.

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