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(1954-1958) Hour-long anthology series on CBS that featured famous stories and actors live.

Vol. 1: An Error in Chemistry 12/2/1954 with Edmond O’Brien. A carnvial confidence man journeys to Yoknapatawpha County and mistakenly winds up in the trap he has set for his prey.
The Volcano Seat 4/10/1958 with Albert Salmi. This true story involving the crew of an in-air refueling operation for Air Force bombers who take a training team on a dangerous mission.

Vol. 2: Adventures of Huck Finn 9/1/1955 with Thomas Mitchell, John Carradine. Huck and Jim once again embark on their adventure-filled trek down the Mississippi .
Public Pigeon #1 9/8/1955 with Red Skelton, Ann Rutherford. Cafeteria worker Rusty is cheated by stock swindlers and winds up in jail, but the crooks have to break him out in order to recover their loot, which was stashed in Rusty's safety deposit box.

Vol. 3: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 7/28/1955 A little known adaptation of Robert Louis Stevensons' classic starring Michael Rennie, Cedric Hardwick. Dr. Jekyll works feverishly on a secret experiment, investigating the human soul and conscience, he believes that by isolating the good and evil impulses in the brain, he may bring about the end of mankind's wicked deeds.
Night of Execution 9/22/1955 with Nina Foch, Vincent Price. A mother watches her cruel and destructive husband continually expose their young son to all kinds of violence. Finally she feels she must take steps to save her son from this sinister influence.

Vol. 4: Scream in Silence 1/2/1958 with Anne Francis, Skip Homeier. A medical student tries to help his next-door neighbor, who has become depressed after losing several jobs. When she awakens after a blackout with a gun in her hand, she's convinced that she killed the man.
Four Hours in White 2/6/1958 with Dan Duryea, Ann Rutherford, Steve McQueen. Trapped in a crossfire of human emotions, a hospital chief surgeon fights his own conscience to decide the fate of two men. He must weigh the possible sacrifice of one life for another.

Vol. 5: The Lou Gehrig Story 4/19/1956 with Wendell Corey. Long-time New York Yankee star, first baseman Lou Gehrig battles ALS with the help of his wife, and of his teammate, catcher Bill Dickey. The disease cuts short Gehrig's great baseball career, and kills "The Iron Horse" within a few years.
Strange Sanctuary 3/28/1957 with Cesar Romero, Michael Rennie. A man with a shadowy past encounters a burglar who attempts to blackmail him.

Vol. 6: Jacob and the Angels 10/3/1959 with Gig Young, Eva Gabor. A lawyer's career has been damaged by alcoholism tries to redeem himself by defending a man accused of murder.
Keep Me in Mind 11/7/1957 with Johnny Desmond, Jackie Coogan. A Las Vegas lounge singer with a reputation for publicity stunts claims to have seen a man wanted for murder, no one believes him - except the murderer believes him.

Vol. 7: Trail of Terror 8/8/1957 with Robert Preston, Diana Lynn. A police detective investigating the apparently motiveless murder of a doctor learns that the victim had been trying to contact the relatives of a patient who had died of a rare disease.
Trial By Fire 9/5/1957 with Linda Darnell, Forest Tucker. When a small town near Los Angeles is almost destroyed by fire, a newspaper editor discloses a note from a 13-year-old boy threatening arson.

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