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Cowboy G-Men

(1952-1953) Russell Hayden, one of Hoppy's early sidekicks, and silent child star Jackie Coogan, roam the old west investigating crimes and evil doings against the US government, even though the actual FBI was not founded until the 20th century under Teddy Roosevelt. We have 30 of the 39 episodes that ran in a single season 1952-53. Available on DVD-R or Mpeg2 digital format.

Beware! No Tresspassing! 11/1/1952 Pat and Stoney are ordered to San Pablo, Mexico, to find out what's behind the trouble an American tungsten mine is having. When they arrive, they discover the mine has been closed, the wells are all poisoned and the town is in the grip of a malaria epidemic.
Bounty Jumpers 11/22/1952 Pat and Stoney tangle with a gang of robbers who have hijacked an Army payroll.
California Bullets 6/13/1953 Gold is being siphoned from a U.S. Government Mint and Pat can't figure out how it is getting past the armed guards.
Center Fire 10/18/1952 Pat and Stoney are ordered to California to investigate reports of an anthrax epidemic and get involved in murder and a feud between neighboring ranchers.
Chinamans Chance 9/20/1952 An outlaw gang is stealing gold from Chinese placer miners, then driving off their claims with outrageous taxes. Because they're Chinese, they can't sue the local government agents. With Stoney posing as a Chinese miner and Pat pretending to be a representative of an Eastern engineering company, the U.S. government tries to bring an end to the careers of the outlaw gang and crooked state government agents.
Chippewa Indians 10/11/1952 Pat and Stoney are ordered to Wisconsin to investigate an Indian agent's claim that a lumber company is forcing the Chippewa Indians off their reservation in order to harvest pristine stands of pine trees. The G-men's investigation is hindered by the distrust of the Chippewas as well as the lumbermen.
Double Crossed 5/30/1953 Pat and Stoney are sent to Texas when it is discovered that a large number of Federal Gold Bonds held by the State of Texas are counterfeit.
Empty Mailbags 4/11/1953 Pat and Stoney are dispatched to Central City to investigate the disappearance of two Postal Inspectors. They are puzzled by the large amount of mail being sent to the post office in the town of El Dorado. Puzzled, because El Dorado has been a ghost town for years.
General Delivery 2/21/1953 A U.S. Postal Inspector is murdered on his way to Lost Gap, and Pat is determined to find the killer.
Ghost Town Mystery 4/4/1953 Pat and Stoney investigate the mysterious closing of a government silver mine and the ghost town left in its wake. They meet several suspicious characters in the empty town, one of whom holds the answers they seek.
Golden Wolf 9/27/1952 Pat and Stoney take time out from their duties to try and collect the bounty posted on a legendary golden wolf that roams the Colorado foothills. A couple of wolf hunters don't take kindly to a pair of amateur hunters horning in on their range and attempt to drive the G-Men away before they can capture or kill their quarry.
Gypsy Traders 2/28/1953 A band of gypsies settles down in the Montana Territory to take advantage of the copper stakes they've made in the region. In the nearby town of Bender, a group of shady locals believe the settlers should be stripped of their rights and take the matter to court. When it looks like the judge is going to rule for the gypsies, the outlaws kidnap him and lock him in the local jail.
Hang the Jury 1/17/1953 Pat and Stoney are sent to Oklahoma to assist the state authorities to investigate a hanging judge. Stoney's plan to go undercover backfires when he is framed for murder himself.
Hang Fire 3/21/1953 Pat is assigned to restore law and order in an outlaw town.
High Heeled Boots 6/6/1953 Pat falls for a sexy saloon owner with a shady past.
Hush Money 3/28/1953 Pat investigates a land title dispute that is stalling an important government project.
Koniackers 12/6/1952 Pat and Stony hunt down the kingpin of a counterfeiting ring.
Mysterious Decoy 1/3/1953 A mystery man is leading a posse of hooded raiders who are terrorizing townsfolk.
Ozark Gold 9/13/1952 A fortune in missing government gold has been rumored to have been found in the Ozarks and it's up to the cowboy G-men to recover the treasure. Unfortunately for Pat and Stoney, the location of the gold is being protected by a crooked District Attorney and his henchmen.
Rawhiders 2/14/1953 Pat and Stoney are assigned to investigate reports of an impostor posing as a U.S. Secret Service agent operating in Washington territory. In the guise of a government law officer, the man is shutting down all rivals of a saloon keeper's operating a crooked gambling establishment.
Ridge of Ghosts 1/10/1953 A gold watch is the only clue to a string of murders.
Safe Crackers 3/7/1953 Pat and Stoney are ordered to break up a safe cracking gang preying on Colorado banks handling government silver bullion.
Salted Mines 12/20/1952 Pat's investigation of a real estate swindle leads directly to a crooked lawyer.
Sawdust Swindle 4/18/1953 Stoney and the son of the local Indian chief are attacked while escorting a gold shipment meant for the tribe. The nuggets are stolen, the Indian killed and Stoney is arrested for the murder and theft.
Secret Mission 10/4/1952 Pat and Stoney travel to Wyoming to oversee a land opening and end up playing nursemaid to a pair of identical twin pranksters and a kooky Chinese cook. Meanwhile, a trio of outlaws are pursuing the twins seeking information they possess.
Sidewinder 5/2/1953 The Scourge of the Southwest is an especially ruthless and devious killer dubbed the Sidewinder. When a hapless Cavalryman escorting the criminal falls victim to his tricks, Pat and Sonny set out to track him down and bring him in.
Silver Fraud 3/14/1953 Crooked miners have been selling the U.S. Mint silver bars containing high amounts of lead.
Spring the Trap 4/25/1953 Desperado Lew Danning hid his stolen loot before dying. Pat disguises himself as the outlaw and slips into a lawless border town to gather clues from Lasker's gang of thieves. Suddenly Danning's sister shows up looking for her brother.
Stolen Dynamite 5/16/1953 A crime syndicate has the stolen the most powerful explosive in the world – a "super dynamite" that is the first to explode underwater.
Woman Mayor 5/23/1953 Pat and Stoney are ordered to Nugget City to tear down a toll-gate on federal land. They are opposed by a woman mayor who uses the gate to keep out riff-raff and raise money for growing town's needs.

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