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(1955-'57) Half-hour TV anthology series dramatizes the lives of clergymen of all faiths and the problems they face in both their professional and personal lives. Many Hollywood stars appeared in the series such as Vincent Price, Edmond Lowe, Richard Carlson, Hugh Marlow, Richard Arlen, Michael Landon and James Whitmore.

Loretta Young

Vol. 1:
A pastor (Vincent Price) exhorts his parishioners to take back their city from the gangsters and corrupt politicians who have taken it over.
Dig or Die, Brother Hyde A new preacher on the harsh Dakota frontier is severly tested. With Hugh Marlow.
Mother O'Brien A police detective is torn between family and duty when his younger brother is involved in a petty crime.
The Judge Brian Donlevy does double duty in a lawless town as a preacher and a judge.

Vol. 2:
The Good Thief
US Army chaplain (James Whitmore) is tortured by Red Chinese captors for ministering to his fellow prisoners of war.
A Bell for O'Donnell Edmond Lowe. A reverend learns a lesson in forgiveness when is is swindled by a fast-talking con man.
Paratroop Padre Donald Woods. Part 1, in the true story of Father Francis L. Sampson, Chaplain 501st Airborne, most decorated chaplain in the United States Army.
The Light Donald Woods. Part 2, in the true story of Father Francis L. Sampson, most decorated chaplain of World War 2. Father Sampson parachutes into Normandy on D-Day and finds his faith is a help to others in the heavy fighting.

Vol. 3:
The Gambler
Dennis Morgan, Robert Hutton. A minister tries to help a member of his congregation who is in trouble.
The Unholy Trio A mother who believes her son innocent of a crime goes to her rabbi for help. The boy is due to be executed for murder.
Miracle of Faith Conrad Nagel An Episcopal minister tries to help a woman whose illness has made her a dominating shrew.
Ringside Padre With Michael Landon, Stephen McNally. Msgr. Harold Engle, director of the Catholic Youth Organization in New York City, is outraged at the disfigurements of teenage boxers. He crusades to make it illegal for a fighter to turn professional until he reaches 18.

Vol. 4:
God's Healing Vincent Price plays a priest who heals an old woman's embittered heart.
Lifeline With Regis Toomey. An unscrupulous gambling czar tries to make criminals out of two pretty sisters.
The Last Strand Conrad Nagel It takes a hospital chaplain to find put why a pretty young girl wanted to commit suicide and refuses to help the medics save her life.
9:30 Action Richard Arlen. The Reverend Dr. Robert J. Cox, president of Los Angeles' Pacific College, is sought out for help by a young alumna.

Vol. 5:
Broadway Trust
Lloyd Bridges. A young bank clerk with an ailing wife in the hospital becomes despondent after losing $5,000 of the bank's money in a bad land deal.
Green Hill Far Away Barbara Eden. Though he would have preferred a country parsonage, an Episcopal minister accepts a call to a poor church in Harlem. There he learns that a young boy is imprisoned in the company of hardened criminals and fights to free him.
Calvary in China Keye Luke. Chinese communists persecute a Catholic priest who heads a parochial school.
Mr. Liberty Bell Brian Donlevy. When news of the fall of Corregidor reached him, Dr. Roy Bell, head of the Silliman University in the Philippine Islands, organized a resistance movement. Piece by piece, he and his followers built a short-wave transmitter in defiance of the Japanese occupation.

Vol. 6:
God in the Streets
With Jeff Morrow, Reed Hadley. Salvation Army workers help a troubled man find his way back.
Riot Pat O'Brien. Prison Chaplain Father Patrick O'Neil unwittingly becomes an accomplice to the plotting of a prison break.
The Patton Prayer Stephen McNally. A chaplain plays a part in shaping General Patton's strategy at the Battle of the Bulge in 1944.
The Sacred Trust Brian Aherne. Courtroom drama depicting the historic legal decision in 1813 that uphel the inviolability of religious confession.

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