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Dick Tracy

(1950-52) Based on the famous Chester Gould newspaper comic strip and starring Ralph Byrd, who had played Tracy in 4 serials for Republic and 3 Tracy features. One of the earliets crime TV shows and also one of the cheapest ever made. Note how the villain's hide out and restaurants use the same cinder-block set. Available on Mpeg2 digital files.

Actor Ralph Byrd died of a sudden heart attack in Aug. 1952 at the age of 43.

Dick Tracy

Dick Tracy TV Promo Rare 21 min. promo with scenes from many episodes featuring Flat Top, Coffee Head, The Swami, Diet Smith, Breathless Mahoney, Blow Top, Hi-Jack, The Mole, Joker and more villains. This was made to sell the TV series by syndication to local stations around the country. Was anything like this ever made, or still survive, that promoted a TV series before 1950?

B.B. Eyes part 1 After a wealthy widow named Carrie Cash who is in Vitamin Flintheart's acting school gets suspicious and calls the police, the criminal B.B. Eyes arranges a scenario wherein Vitamin thinks he has killed her.
B.B. Eyes part 2 Two of B.B. Eyes henchmen (Twister and Knuckles) are told to get a murder confession out of Vitamin Flintheart while Tracy is suspicious of B.B. Eyes story that Flintheart beat him up trying to escape.
BO Plenty's Folly Tracy's friend B.O. Plenty (Si Jenks) sets out to buy a birthday gift for his wife Gravel Gertie while Dick Tracy works to solve a series of art museum robberies.
Brain part 2 Part 2 of the 5 part story about villain THE BRAIN, played by Lyle Talbot. Poor quality, so no charge if you acquire the other episodes.
Flat Top Crime kingpin Namgib hires thug Flat Top to kill Tracy for $10,000.
Dick Tracy and the Foreign Agents 1-2 Both episodes combined. Foreign agents seek scientific secrets from a government atomic plant.
Dick Tracy Meets Heels Beals Two jewel thieves hire out as furniture movers to gain access to the homes of the rich.
Hi-Jack Tracy and Catchem investigate a series of car thefts and discover a gang who specialize in changing the appearance and serial numbers of the vehicles they've stolen. Dick Tracy
The Mole part 1 Tracy and Catchem investigate the murder of a counterfeiter and trace the engraving plates to the lair of a hoodlum known only as 'The Mole' (Raymond Hatton).
The Mole part 2 While the Mole hires a crook to run his counterfeiter operation, Dick Tracy draws his net around the gangster's operation. The Mole orders two gunsels to capture and kill the detective.
The Mole part 3 The Mole shows Wheels to his underground printing press,to have him produce the counterfeit bills. But though being watched by Mountain, Wheels manages to switch the plates with two blanks before leaving.Enraged, Mole sends Mountain out to bring him and the plates back, but Tracy intervenes.
The Mole part 4, aka. The Payroll Robbery With the law closing in, The Mole gets desperate, and petty crook "The Joker" tries to burn out the Mole's sensitive eyes so he can steal the plates, but fails. Mole retaliates by disguising himself and making try at killing Joker at his magic shop. Dick Tracy and the police force Mole out of his lair with smoke bombs.
Shakys Secret Treasure A criminal recently released from prison searches for the loot he hid before being incarcerated with Dick Tracy watching his every step.

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