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(1951-59) "The story you are about to see is true..." "Just the facts, ma'am..." "We were working the day watch..." Sgt. Joe Friday (Jack Webb) and his partners methodically investigate crimes in Los Angeles. The show emphasized careful police work and the interweaving of policemen's professional and personal lives.

Jack Webb

Vol. 1: The Big Shoplift 3/11/1954. Friday and Smith catch a wealthy house wife shoplifting, then discover she is a kleptomaniac.
The Big Producer 8/26/1954. A man claims to be a big Hollywood producer, but really leads a pornography ring.
The Big Hit-and-Run Killer 3/18/1954 A woman and her grandson are run down by a bakery truck, but the driver has an airtight alibi.
The Big Girl 4/1/1954. A tall, blonde, beautiful woman beats and robs her victims.

Vol. 2: The Big Bar 10/14/1954. A murderer is on the loose who orders the same drink and plays the same song in every bar.
The Big Pair 9/16/1954. An old man and his granddaughter are burglarized, leaving them broke and starving.
The Big Crime 9/9/1954. Twin girls are missing!
The Big War 4/10/1958. Friday and Smith crack down on teenage gangs.

Vol. 3: The Big Hands 5/21/1953. Friday and Smith find a woman with a broken neck in a hotel room and suspect a psycho killer.
The Big September Man 5/8/1952. When a secretary is beaten to death the search leads to a religious fanatic.
The Big Seventeen 11/6/1952. Friday and Smith investigate a group of teenagers who are using and selling drugs.
The Big Show 1/22/1953. A seven-week-old baby is found abandoned in a bus station.

Vol. 4: The Big Boys 1/21/1954. The cops stake out a hotel lobby for juvenile armed robbers.
The Big Trunk 1/7/1954. Burglaries in new housing projects.
The Big Oskar 10/14/1958. An old man named Oskar brings in stolen property he claims he found.
The Big Betty 9/24/1953. Friday and Smith track down a confidence ring that is selling defective watches.

Vol. 5: The Big Break 3/19/1953. Friday and Smith track down an escaped convict who is armed and dangerous.
The Big Thief 12/17/1953. A doctor is slugged in a downtown hotel and narcotics are stolen from his bag.
The Big Little Jesus 12/24/1953. A statue of baby Jesus is stolen from a church, and Friday must find it before Christmas.
The Big Frame 4/22/1954. A man’s body is found in the gutter and the only clue is a pair of skid marks found nearby.

Vol. 6: The Big Cast 2/14/1952. The police interrogate a suspect, played by Lee Marvin, whom they believe to have murdered more than a dozen men.
The Big False Make 5/27/1954. A store manager identifies a robbery suspect, but Friday and Smith think that the suspect is the wrong man.
The Big Casing 6/5/1952. A man claims that his wife committed suicide right in front of him, but the evidence suggests otherwise.
The Big Phone Call 5/22/1952. Friday confronts a jeweler with tape recorded evidence that proves he hired someone to rob his own store.

Vol. 7: The Big 55 Rifle for Christmas 12/18/1952. Two small boys are missing, there are blood stains on the ground and a gun meant as a Christmas present is gone.
The Big Grandma 1/8/1953. An elderly woman is passing bad checks, but no one suspects her because she looks harmless.
The Big Hands 5/21/1953. Friday and Smith must find out the identity of a woman found strangled in a hotel room.
The Big Present 10/21/1954. Stores have been broken into and robbed from, but the thief only takes a few merchandise items and cash and leaves an empty bottle of milk at the scene.

Vol. 8: The Big Dance 6/25/1953. Detectives Friday and Smith are assigned to apprehend a pair of thugs who have been identified by their victims through photos but seem to have disappeared.
The Big Hate 2/12/1953. Friday and Smith charge a man with the murder of his fiance, though he claims he's innocent.
The Big Jump 9/11/1952. A man stands upon the ledge of a tall building and threatens to jump to his death below.
The Big Threat 5/13/1954. A man is beaten and robbed, then the thieves intimidate him and his family so he'll refuse to testify against them.

Vol. 9: The Big Ham 1/28/1954. Joe and Frank investigate the suicide of a young girl.
The Big Lease 5/14/1953. The case of the apparent suicide of wealthy retiree Chester Dillon.
The Big Lamp 6/19/1952. Friday and Jacobs are out to catch a safe burglar who has been on the loose for seven months.
The Big Winchester 3/4/1954. An elderly man appears to have killed himself with a rifle, but the cops soon learn that it was no accident. With Fess Parker.

Vol. 10: Note, these episodes are mediocre quality, but include the first two episodes in the entire series.
The Big Human Bomb 12/16/1951. Sgt. Friday and Sgt. Romero track down a maniac with a bomb tied around himself.
The Big Actor 1/3/1952. Friday and Romero track down a drug ring through a small-time television actor who is hooked on heroin. Sgt. Friday and Sgt. Romero look for stolen drugs.
The Big Light 3/26/1953. Friday and Smith must decide between accident or murder when a crewman working on a movie set is killed by a falling light.
The Big Sorrow 9/25/1952. Friday must cope with the sudden death of his partner as he and his new partner track a pair of escaped convicts. With Jerry Paris, Cliff Arquette.

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