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MY HERO: The Bob Cummings Show

(1952-53) Cast: Bob Cummings, Julie Bishop, John Litel. Bob's first TV sit-com ran for 33 episodes in 1952-53. Bob plays Robert S. Beanblossom, a happy-go-lucky real estate agent for the Thackery Realty Company in this series. Julie Bishop co-stars as his girlfriend.

Bob Cummings Show

Vol. 1: The Bicycle Bob helps old man who crashes bicycle, but he is very rich!
Movie Star Actor considers buying a home from Bob, but does business on golf course.
Hillbilly In the hills Bob meets a Daisy Mae type girl and feuding family.
Cupid Bob is baffled by cupid and framed by new man in office.

Vol. 2: Horse Trail Bob takes a horse in exchange for old shack he is unloading.
Lady Editor Bob and Julie pretend to be married for magazine publicity.
El Toro To unload a Hollywood mansion, Bob pretends to be Mexican matador.
Catering Story Bob impersonates a French caterer.

Vol. 3: Hesse Story Famous house photographer charges Bob more than the house.
Fishing Story Beanblossom goes on fishing/camping trip with his boxx.
The Tiger 3Bob tries to turn his personality into a tiger to collect rent.
The Boat Bob sells an expensive cabin cruiser, but to gangsters.

Vol. 4: Very South Pacific Beanblossom dreams he is stranded on a south seas island.
Wheel of Fortune Big estate deal is halted by arrival of his boss' aunt.
Beauty and the Beast Bob plays cupid for actress and director to sell honeymoon home.
The Big Crush Bobby-soxer develops crush on Beanblossom.

Vol. 5: Arabian Nights Bob gets invited to join secret club, but his boss does not.
Odd Man In On a train Bob is robbed by a convict who changes clothes with him.
Jimmy Valentine Beanblossom befriends an eccentric millionaire.
Jail Break Bob reforms a bum and winds up in jail.

Vol. 6: Saltwater Daffy Bob rents mansion to couple who raise seals in it.
Beauty Queen Bob enters Julie in beauty contest without her knowledge.
Cinderella's Revenge Old friend of Beanblossom thinks he owns the realty company.
Duel Bob models for a sculptress, and her boyfriend want a duel.

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