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I Married Joan

(1952-1955) The adventures of the scatterbrained wife of a respected city judge, starring Joan Davis and Jim Backus.

Vol. 1: The Lady & the Prizefighter (3/2/1955) Joan enters Wally in a charity fight and he accidentally knocks out a professional boxer.
Wall Safe (10/13/1954) Joan finds a treasure map in a hidden safe.
Joan's Haircut (7/7/1954) A disastrous trip to the beauty parlor.
Changing Houses (3/31/1954) The Stevens family moves from their Early American house to a modern one. Their happiness is short-lived.

Vol. 2: Talent Scout (6/17/1953) Joan gets suckered by two phony "Hollywood" talent agents. The judge uses her as bait to catch them.
Bad Boy (1/7/1953) The Stevens learn parenting when they take a juvenile delinquent into their house.
Honeymoon (6/24/1953) The judge plays marriage counselor to a couple having problems. He tells them about the honeymoon he and Joan somehow managed to live through.
Home Movies (12/8/1954) The Stevens get back from their trip to Hawaii.

Vol. 3: New House (9/29/1954) The Stevens are ready to move into another house--if only another couple hadn't gotten there first.
Neighbors (6/10/1953) The Stevens' are delighted to learn that their neighbors, who regularly have parties til 4 A.M., are moving. Joan finds peaceful people to buy the house.
Alienation of Affections (10/20/1954) Joan innocently comes between a stranger and his wife, who wants to sue Joan.
Sister Pat (11/4/1953) Joan's teenage sister moves in and takes over the house, so Bradley gets even by inviting all of his cousins over - as many as he can afford to hire, that is!

Vol. 4: Dreams (12/24/1952) Joan gets together with three old friends from school. Their success leads her to daydream about what she could have become.
The Jail Bird (3/23/1953) Joan seems like a kleptomaniac thanks to a sticky-fingered crow she finds in her kitchen.
Clothes Budget (11/3/1954) Joan spends her entire year’s clothing budget on a new evening gown for a charity ball.
Brad’s Class Reunion (11/19/1952) Joan does everything she can to keep Brad from attending his class reunion after discovering an essay he wrote about a girl in high school.

Vol. 5: The Allergy (2/2/1955) Joan can't stop sneezing. Her doctor tells her she's allergic to something...or someone. She naturally assumes it's her husband.
Jealousy (4/7/1954) Joan takes home a suave guest lecturer from the Women’s Club to get Brad jealous.
Home of the Week (3/17/1954) Joan gets her home photographed, in error, for the Sunday supplement.
Acrobats (12/31/1952) Joan has a run-in with a woman important to Brad’s career. She disguises herself when they all have dinner together and gets mixed up with acrobats.

Vol. 6: Mabel’s Dress (1/27/1954) A dress meant for Mable is sent to Joan by mistake.
Bev’s Boyfriend (12/2/1953) Joan's little sister Beverly is smitten with a guy who's more interested in his hot rod than her. Cupid Joan is happy to help.
Mountain Lodge (3/10/1954) When Brad and Joan seperately write $1000 checks on their joint account, something is going to bounce.
Brad’s Broken Toe (7/8/1953) Brad calls Joan a hypochondriac, then he breaks a toe and needs her sympathy.

Vol. 7: New House (9/29/1954) Joan and her husband Judge Stevens purchase a new home and prepare to move in, but find that another family plans to occupy the same place.
Secrets (5/6/1953) Keeping a secret proves too much for Joan-which almost costs her husband an important appointment.
Ballet (10/29/1952) The Judge advises his wife Joan to get more exercise as an antidote to fatigue from housework and Joan turns to ballet.
Uncle Edgar (1/21/1953) Uncle Edgar visits Joan and her husband and they have a difficult time trying to keep him out of trouble.

Vol. 8: Barbecue (1/13/1954) Joan and Brad build a barbecue in the back yard.
Big Louie's Parole (12/15/1954) Joan is troubled by the belief that mobsters may try to kill Brad unless he paroles one of their men.
Career (10/22/1952) Tired of housework, Joan sets out to land a new career as an actress, only to find she's being typecast.
Crime Panel (11/12/1952) Joan invades gangland to obtain information for appearance on a TV show.

Vol. 9: Double Wedding (12/30/1953) Joan and Brad decide to celebrate their tenth anniversary by repeating their nuptial vows with the couple who were married with them in a double ceremony.
Eviction Show (4/15/1953) Judge Stevens evicts Joan's Woman's Welfare League from their clubhouse.
Farm (12/1/1954) Joan and Brad disagree on just how to spend a week in the country.
Jitterbug (11/5/1952) Joan finds an ingenious way to retaliate after Brad fines her for speeding, she takes up jitterbugging after trying babysitting and selling "all you can eat" to phone men.

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