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Lock Up

(1959-61) True crime cases of real-life public defender Herbert Maris, who was based in Philadelphia and starring MacDonald Carey. 78 episodes were produced. Available in Mpeg2 or Mpeg4 digital format, or 4 episodes per DVD Volume.

Lock Up

The Beau and Arrow Case 10/22/1960. Dr. Von Heisinger, a psychologist, is killed with an arrow.
Case of Joe Slade 9/24/1960. The clerk at a hunting lodge is accused of murder because he was having an affair with the victim's wife. Aka. "Against the Law."
A Change of Heart 10/10/1959. An eyewitness testifies that a young man killed his former sweetheart. Herb Maris takes the case to prove that no crime was committed at all.
Death and Taxes 4/2/1960. Circumstantial evidence point to a rich oil man as the murderer of a girl he met on a spree and asked to marry. With Buddy Ebsen.
Face of Innocence 5/27/1961. Maris finds an envelope full of money and is drawn into a case involving robbery and murder.
Flying High 10/15/1960. A murdered stewardess's roommate is on the spot when all other suspects have airtight alibis.
Frame Up 10/29/1960. The body of a notorious gangster is found in a gift shop run by an ex-convict.
Framed Ex-Con 12/12/1959. A former criminal trying to go straight is besieged by two criminals who threaten to implicate him in the theft of a huge sum of money.
The Frame 4/30/1960. Herb Maris is certain that his policeman friend is being framed for murder by a local gangster.
The French Affair Maris goes to Paris - but finds his prospective client murdered. The police pick up a suspect, but Herb doesn't think he's the killer.
Girls Wanted 12/31/1960. A young girl gives Maris a clue in an employment agency racket.
His Brother's Keeper A riff develops between Maris and Lt. Weston when Herb agrees to help on the investigation of a policeman accused of dereliction of duty.
His Father's Footsteps 1/16/1960. Circumstantial evidence points to a teenage boy as the guilty party in a shooting. The youth's father hires Herbert Maristo defend his son.
Like Father, Like Son 3/4/1961. A man whose safe has been looted accuses his grandson of the theft, claiming that only the two of them knew the safe's combination.
Mind Over Murder 5/21/1960. A zoologist is accused of poisoning his employer.
Mr. Sobel's Birthday Party Office birthday party for Mr. Sobel is poisoned and robbed.
Murder is a Gamble 3/26/1960. A husband is held as his wife's murderer in what seems to be a love triangle crime.
Never Bet the Odds 1/30/1960. When a prizefighter bets against himself, lawyer Maris' suspicions are aroused.
Planter's Death 3/18/1961. Maris looked forward to a quiet vacation in the West Indies, But his plans change when a plantation owner is murdered.
Price of Charity 1/23/1960. A fancy suit of clothes aids lawyer Herb Maris in his attempt to clear a G.I. of a murder charge.
Poker Club 3/12/1960. An elderly Shakespearean actor is held for the murder of a theatrical producer. With John Carradine.
Presumption of Guilt 11/7/1959. While serving a prison sentence, a gang leader is stabbed. An inmate who is innocent of the murder is convicted of the crime and awaits doom in the death house.
Red Confetti 3/11/1961. A series of hit and run accidents has baffled the police. It is not until the Eighth accident occurs that Maris finds a clue.
Sentenced to Die 6/4/1960. The wife of a man convicted of murdering his former employer pleads with Herb Maris to re-examine the case. With Angie Dickinson.
Society Doctor 11/26/1960. Dr. William Stanhope is accused of murdering his wife.
Stake Out 9/26/1959. Herb Maris undertakes the defense of a reformed ex-con accused of murdering a policeman. First episode in the series.
Top Secret 11/19/1960. Attorney Herb Maris comes to the defense of a scientist-undercover agent who is accused of irregularity in the handling of top secret information.
Wildcatter 4/15/1961. A man is accused of stealing a fortune in securities from his former boss, a rich oilman.
With Malice for One 12/5/1959. An immigrant becomes the victim of prejudice and the object of a murder charge.

34 New episodes added in 2024

Against the Law Lodge owner accused of killing two-timing wife. With Lon Chaney Jr.
Angry Men Company take over complicates business for an old investor.
Compulsive Killer Innocent professor arrested as suspected killer on campus.
Court Marshal Soldier accused of killing another soldier over a woman.
Death in the Streets Stolen car runs over man; car owner charged manslaughter.
Design for Murder A dress designer is murdered and his assistant is accused of the crime.
Diamond Dupe Customers robbed at a grill and their home at the same time.
The Drop Dope found in car rented for marriage elopement.
Election Nite Blackmailed councilman accused of murdering hoodlum.
End of the World A murderers sweetheart testifies falsely in his behalf
Failure (aka Unsteady Alibi) Arsonist for insurance money wrongfully convicted of murder.
Fugitive from Fear Maris helps disturbed Korean war vet on the run.
The Intruder Woman kills intruder in her home, but it was her ex-husband.
Jennifer Young girl wants Maris to re-open case against her stepmother.
Jungle Compound Incoming zookeeper is gunned down and predecessor blamed.
The Last Chance Victim's last words say the accused is innocemt.
Leading Young Citizen Angry young man arrested for series of home robberies.
The Locket Girl faces electric chair for murder of a rich playboy.
Manly Art of Murder Maris defends boxer accused of killing his wife.
Morality and the Shield Young punk steals policeman's gun and goes on shooting spree. With Leonard Nimoy.
Music to Murder By Maris kidnapped by escaped prisoner and psychopath.
Number Please Sleazy private eye who blackmailed clients is murdered.
Photo Finish (aka The Case of Nan Havens) Mary Tyler Moore accused of being foreign spy smuggling out secrets on microfiche..
Price of Charity Fancy suit of clothes helps clear G.I. Of murder.
Strange Summons Maris changes identity to trap murderer of jewelry owner.
Skid Row Story Maris defends character accused of robbing charity fund.
So Ye Shall Reap Maris defends teenager accused of murder.
Seventh Hour Innocent handyman is about to be executed for murder.
Tee Off Murder weapon is exploding golf ball.
The Trigger Did a comptroller commit suicide or was he murdered?
Trouble Cop Policeman accused of shooting a bookie.
Two Wrongs After a fight, leading man gets indicted for killing actress.
Voice of Doom Carnival knife thrower charged with death of fortune teller.
Writ of Terror Maris uses a psychiatric approach in his defense.

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