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Milton Berle Show

(1948-1956) This new medium Television needed something to get people talking and looking. It came in the form of a visual comedian who was larger than the tiny screens on which he appeared. On June 8, 1948, television's first hit series and superstar were born with Milton Berle starring on Texaco Star Theater, later known as the Buick Berle Show when he changed sponsors.

Lucy Show

Volume 1: Buick Berle Show
1) With Frank Sinatra
2) With Martha Raye

Volume 2: Buick Berle Show
1) Guest Jackie Cooper.
2) Guest Paul Douglas.

Volume 3: Buick Berle Show
1) With Gertrude Berg.
2) With Jane Froman.

Volume 4: Buick Berle Show
1) Guest Judith Anderson.
2) Guest Jack Webb.

Volume 5: Buick Berle Show
1) Guest Carol Channing. 2) Guest Basil Rathbone.

Volume 6: Texaco Star Theater
1) Guest Danny Thomas 5/29/1951.
2) Guest Ronald Reagan 1/13/1953

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