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Passport to Danger

(1954-1956) Ceasr Romero plays a suave, quiick-witted diplomatic courier who travels to distant countries each week with important communiques to America's allies and dodges enemy agents along the way.

Cesar Romero

Vol. 1: Teheran Steve arrives in Teheran to meet an old friend, but is greeted by a bullet and the news of his friend’s death.
Casablanca Steve and his lady friend walk into an uprising and become prisoners.
Budapest A Hungarian priest passes valuable information to Steve in prison.
Sofia Steve tries to buy his freedom from the Hungarian secret police.

Vol. 2: Turkey Steve helps the children of an escaped Rumanian industrialist.
Geneva Steve stumbles upon a Russian assassination plot.
Monte Carlo Steve helps an injured foreign service agent recover photos of a corrupt politician who frequents a casino.
Prague Steve helps a Czech skating star escape from Prague so she can rejoin her husband.

Vol. 3: Rome While in Rome investigating the leaking of classified documents from the American Embassy, McQuinn stumbles upon a German counterfeiting plot.
Tangier Steve encounters a femme fatale spy at a countess’ party.

Plus two episodes of Errol Flynn Theater (1956) "Wife for the Czar" and "The Golden Shanty"

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