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Petticoat Junction

(1963-1970) Bobbie Jo, Billie Jo, and Betty Jo Bradley are three sisters living with there Uncle Jo who owns the family hotel, and is always coming up with zany ideas. Their whole town revolves around the train "The Cannon Ball." Cast: Edgar Buchanan, Linda Henning, Bea Benaderet, Lori Saunders, Mike Minor, Meredith MacRae.

Lucy Show

Vol. 1: Spur Line to Shady Rest 9/24/1963. The C&FW Railroad's trouble-shooter Homer Bedloe comes to Hooterville to find out why their branch isn't connected to the main line.
Quick, Hide the Railroad 10/1/1963. Homer Bedloe of the C&FW Railroad makes the first of many attempts to shut down the Cannonball. Kate decides he can't close it if he can't find it, so she hides the train.
The President Who Came to Dinner 10/8/1963. C&FW President, Norman Curtis, journeys to Hooterville to take matters into his own hands as far as dissolving the Cannonball, but becomes enchanted by the people of the valley.
Is There a Doctor in the Roundhouse? 10/15/1963. No one can attend Kate's Shady Rest Jamboree after Norman Curtis makes the Cannonball inoperative.

Vol. 2: The Courtship of Floyd Smoot 10/22/1963. Kate pretends to fall in love with Floyd after his bad experience with a mail-order bride.
Please Buy My Violets 10/29/1963. Joe goes into the cologne business.
The Ringer 11/5/1963. The Shady Rest Horseshoe Tournament rolls around, and Pixley Fats is it's main contender. He might have a little speed bump though, in the form of the tournament's first female player, Betty Jo.
Kate's Recipe for Hot Rhubarb 11/12/1963. It's time for Bobbie Jo to put down the books and set out to get a significant other.

Vol. 3: The Little Train Robbery 11/19/1963. The Cannonball's bank shipment is the target of two young train robbers.
Bedloe Strikes Again 11/26/1963. Homer Bedloe returns to Hooterville to take another crack at shutting down the Cannonball.
Uncle Joe’s Replacement 12/3/1963. Uncle Joe's convinced he's being replaced when Kate hires Herbie Bates to be assistant manager of the hotel.
Honeymoon Hotel 12/10/1963. Uncle Joe's latest scheme involves turning the Shady Rest into a Honeymooners getaway. But when his status as temporary Justice of the Peace turns out to be invalid, can Kate and the girls keep the couple he "married" busy until Sam Drucker can be found to make their union legal?

Vol. 4: A Night at the Hooterville Hilton 12/17/1963. A brochure describing the incomparable Shady Rest Hotel of the future is prematurely mailed to a Hooterville travel columnist.
Herby Gets Drafted 12/31/1963. Herby Bates, who is sweet on Billie Jo, won't be seeing much more of her--he's just been drafted.
Bobbie Jo and the Beatnik 1/7/1964. Bobbie Jo is entranced with poet Alan Landman, a visiting beatnik who is passing through Hooterville.
My Daughter the Doctor 1/14/1964. Billie Jo receives a $500 insurance endowment, which her late father set aside for his first-born to become a doctor. But Billie Jo wants to go to Hollywood to become an actress.

Vol. 5: Hooterville vs. Hollywood 1/21/1964. Kate confers with Judge Drucker to see if she can legally prevent Billie Jo from going to Hollywood.
Visit from a Big Star 1/28/1964. A movie-idol wants to hide away from it all at the Shady Rest.
Last Chance Farm 2/4/1964. Uncle Joe tells two plump ladies that Shady Rest is a reducing farm, where their loss is the management's gain.
The Very Old Antique 2/11/1964. Homer Bedloe returns to Hooterville with a retired railroad tycoon who's interested in buying the Cannonball.
Also: Petticoat Junction Christmas Show -- On Vol. 4 of Christmas Shows.

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