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Private Secretary

(1953-1957) Susie, played by Ann Sothern, is secretary to handsome talent agent Peter Sands (Don Porter) and keeps getting messed up in (and messing up) his private life. She's assisted (usually) by receptionist Vi and semi-rival Sylvia. Cagey is Peter's business rival. The show alternated Sunday nights with "The Jack Benny Show."

Lucy Show

Vol. 1: What Every Secretary Knows: Peter desperately wants to make a deal for two of his rising singing stars with an opera impresario. Susie and the maestro's wife plot to get the two bigheaded big shots together.
How To Handle a Boss: Susie busts her writer's block when she asks a reporter friend to "ghost write" an article for her in a magazine. The result lands her in hot water with everybody in the office!
Not Quite Paradise: Vi's Aunt Martha gets the crazy idea that her niece and Peter are engaged to be married - and that Susie is the competition that must be eliminated!
Three's A Crowd: Susie finds herself in the role of "leading lady" in a love triangle with a new, eager-to-please playwright and a slick Broadway producer.

Vol. 2: Cat In A Hot Tin File: When a stray feline wanders into the office, Vi and Susie try to hide it from Peter and a hysterical, allergic actress. Watch for John Banner (Sergeant Shultz of Hogan's Heroes) as a restaurant owner.
Dollars and Sense: After Susie goes on a shopping spree, she begs Vi and Peter to manage her money and keep her on a strict allowance. But the lure of the department store sale can't dampen her spendthrift ways. It takes a sleazy pawnbroker (Mel Welles) to do that!
Old Dogs, New Tricks: A snooty child actor needs to be taken down a notch or two - and Susie's just the person to do it!
That's No Lady, That's An Agent: Peter becomes smitten with rival talent agent Blanche Colvey (Hillary Brooke) and it's up to Susie to protect her boss from Colvey's cutthroat scheme to steal a big opera star (Sig Ruman) from the agency.

Vol. 3: Two and Two Make Five 3/3/1957 As Mr. Sands searches for a cartoon voice for a new commercial, Susie faces IRS auditing. Guest: Mel Blanc.
Thy Name Is Sands 3/17/1957 Susie tries to convince Mr. Sands that he needs glasses. Last show in the series.
Her Best Enemy 12/9/1956. Cagey Calhoun schemes to borrow a new contract written by Mr. Sands.
The Little Caesar of Bleeker Street 4/1/1956. When Susie’s diamond ring disappears, all clues point to a young shoeshine boy.

Vol. 4: Passing the Buck 4/29/1956. Susie and Mr. Sands let a play slip through their hands when they delay reading it.
Sow’s Ear 10/14/1956. Susie teaches Cagney Calhoun some manners so he can win more clients, but does not expect him to go after Mr. Sand’s prize client/
Elusive 6/10/1956. Susi tries to track down a reclusive retired actress to appear in a play.
The Efficiency Expert 2/17/1957. Mr. Sands hires an efficiency expert to straighten out his office.

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