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Range Rider

(1951-1953) The dynamic duo of the west ride into high adventure in this exciting and good-natured series starring Dick Jones as sidekick Dick West and Jock Mahoney as the Range Rider!


Vol. 1: Convict at Large RR and Dick aid an ex-con who is wrongly accused of helping stage coach robbers.
The Buckskin The Range Rider and Dick pose as settlers to capture a trio of outlaws who are robbing and killing homesteaders.
The Crooked Fork An unscrupulous businessman does anything he can to put a rival freight company out of business until the Range Rider straightens him out.
Last of the Pony Express Dick is a Pony Express rider just when the service is about to be discontinued. The Range Rider joins new mail delivery by stagecoach.

Vol. 2: West of Cheyenne Trouble-shooting for the U.S. Telegraph Office, the Range Rider uncovers a saboteur in their ranks.
Cherokee Round-Up RR & Dick aid a band of Cherokees whose chief has been unjustly arrested by a crooked Indian agent.
Treasure of Santa Dolores Members of an old Spanish mission are held hostage by an escaped convict searching for treasure hidden in the church.
The Holy Terror In this twist on the classic O. Henry story "The Ransom of Red Chief," a ruthless gang kidnaps a millionaire's spoiled son and soon finds that they need the Range Rider to rescue them!

Vol. 3: Bullets and Badmen (4/17/1953)
The Black Terror (3-8-1952) Range Rider discovers a conspiracy surrounding the execution of killer Dan Gannon.
The Blind Trail The Range Rider confronts a crooked mayor whose gang attempts to kidnap the daughter of a business
Border City Affair Framed for killing Border City's sheriff, Dick and the Range Rider must catch the real killer so they can clear their names.

Vol. 4: Hideout Girl-crazy Dick West gets framed when his latest flame gets involved in a series of stage robberies!
Indian War Party The Wah-Choo-Ka tribe hits the warpath to protect their sacred land from greedy prospectors. The Range Rider struggles to prevent a full-scale war.
Marshal from Madero A cunning thief impersonates a U.S. Marshal in a plot to break his fellow gang members out of jail!
Outlaw Pistols The Range Rider captures bandit Kid Laredo but suspects a greater criminal mastermind behind a series of violent robberies.

Vol. 5: Rustler’s Range The Range Rider confronts a killer using a strange South American weapon that leaves no evidence!
Saga of Silver Town The Range Rider battles a band of outlaws laying siege to a mining town!
Shotgun Stage An underhanded stage coach owner kidnaps the new proprietor of a rival company. Suspecting foul play, the Range Rider investigates the disappearance.
The Chase Dick pretends to be the "Panhandle Kid" so the Range Rider can smoke out a female bandit and her gang.

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