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Rocky Jones - Space Ranger

(1954) Richard Crane stars as legendary space captain "Rocky Jones, Space Ranger" in the syndicated 1954 television series. Most stories were told in 3 parts, which have been put together into mini-features running about 75 minutes eac. The series was cancelled after a single season because the costly special effects made it unprofitable. Rocky's scantily clad assistant Vena Ray is played by Sally Mansfield. With Scotty Beckett.

Captain Gallant

Vol. 1: Crash of the Moons Rocky Jones comes to the aid of two planets on a collision course. Plus Rocky Jones in “Escape Into Space,” one of only 3 Rocky Jones stories which are told in a single episode.

Vol. 2: Menace from Outer Space Rocky fights marauders from a hostile planet. Plus Rocky Jones in “Kip’s Private War,” another single episode in the TV series.

Vol. 3: Manhunt in Space Rocky and his co-pilot Winky are sent into space to try to foil a gang of space pirates who have been preying on cargo ships sent out by the United Worlds, and who have also captured Rocky's girlfriend, Vena. Rocky is aided by a new invention, "cold light", which, in much the same way as heat causes mirages to appear in the desert, causes an object to become so cold that it disappears!

Plus: An episode of Tales of Tomorrow shown on live TV on 1/18/1952 -- Frankenstein -- starring Lon Chaney Jr., who was drunk and thought he was rehearsing instead of on the air!

Vol. 4: The Gypsy Moon In deep space the Rangers discover two moons orbiting each other through space. The inhabitants of the two worlds are at war. While Rocky tries to help, his old enemy Cleolanta brings in a Rocky double to destroy the Bureau of Space Affairs.

Plus: Tales of Tomorrow shown on live TV on 10/12/1951 -- The Crystal Egg.

Vol. 5: Silver Needle in the Sky Rocky Jones and his crew are sent to escort planetary ambassadors to a United Worlds conference, but evil femme fatale Cleolanta sabotages the event by capturing the delegates. Plus: Tales of Tomorrow shown on live TV on 6/27/1952 -- Appointment on Mars.

Vol. 6: Beyond the Moon Professor Newton has been brainwashed to join forces with the renegade planet Officius. Vena insists on going along with Rocky to rescue the professor.

Plus: An episode of Tales of Tomorrow shown on live TV on 8/8/1952 -- Ice From Space.

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