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The Roy Rogers Show

(1951-1957) The Double R Ranch featured "The King of the Cowboys" Roy Rogers, his "Smartest Horse in the Movies" Trigger, "The Queen of the West," Dale Evans, her horse Buttermilk, their wonder dog Bullet, and Pat Brady as Roy's comical sidekick.

Episodes are listed by Season. All are available as Mpeg2 and Mpeg4 digital files.

Roy Rogers
1-1 Jailbreak 12-30-1951. First episode in the series! Dale helps an innocent young man escape from jail.
1-2 Doc Stevens' Traveling Store 1-6-1952. The Doc’s “traveling store” holds a transmitter that sends info to a gang of outlaws.
1-3 Bullets and Burro 11/15/53 Roy and his friends round up a gang headed by the sheriff's brother, who tries to steal an old prospector's savings.
1-6 Train Robbery 2-3-1952. The local postmaster hires two crooks to blow up and rob a train carrying a valuable bank shipment.
1-11 Unwilling Outlaw 3-8-1952. Bank Employee Jed Collins is framed for embezzlement and forced to join an outlaw gang.
1-12 Dead Men's Hills 3-15-1952. Roy, Dale and Pat help a wounded sheriff hold the Hannon gang at bay in desert oasis.
1-13 Minister's Son 3-23-1952. A government agent poses as a minister’s son in order to capture a gang of counterfeiters.
1-15 Ride in the Death Wagon 4-6-1952. An elderly invalid donates cash for a climic, but a crook posing as an armed guard steals it.
1-16 Peril from Past 4-13-1952. Two crooks blackmail a bank teller who once did time in prison.
1-20 Phantom Rustlers 4-5-1953. Rustlers with trucks try to sell stolen beef to Dale’s diner.
1-22 Ghost Town Gold 5-25-1952. Pat Brady buys a ghost town and finds a desert rat with a cache of counterfeit gold pieces.
1-23 The Double Crosser 6-1-1952. Man blackmailed into shielding outlaw gang just as his mother arrives to visit.
1-24 Carnival Killer 6-8-1952. A young whip artist in a carnival is framed in the murder of his boss.
1-25 Flying Bullets 6-15-1952. Pat Brady is elected sheriff of Martin County just in time to apprehend a murderer.
2-2 Outlaw's Return 9-28-1952. Roy gives an ex-convict a job on his ranch, who is suspected when holdups occur.
2-4 Loaded Guns 4-12-1953. Tom Larabee’s gun is used to kill a rancher, though Tom swears he never pulled the trigger.
2-10 The Knockout 12-28-52. A boxer -- Charles Bronson in one of his earliest screen roles -- is under the control of a gang.
2-11 The Run-A-Round 2-22-1953. Con men trick Dale into signing bill of sale for her ranch.
2-12 Lady Killer 9-12-1954. A lady banker murders all ranchers in an oil-rich valley.
2-14 The Mingo Kid 4-26-53. When the Mingo Kid overpowers Roy and changes clothes with him, an outlaw makes Roy take part in a bank robbery.
3-4 Pat's inheritance 11-1-1953. Pat and a distant cousin co-inherit a valuable ranch that bad guys want.
3-5 Outlaws of Paradise Valley 11-8-1953. Outlaws take hostages from an archaeological expedition.
3-6 Gun Trouble 11/22/53 Orphaned teenager Jerry King has fallen in with Colt Eggers and his outlaw gang who order him to murder Roy
3-7 M Stands for Murder 12-6-1953. Roy investigates a legend that says that anyone who sees the ghost of “One Arm Johnny” will be murdered.
3-12 Secret of Indian Gap_ 1-24-1954. Orphan shoots at Roy and Dale to keep them away from illegal gold mine run by the boy’s uncle.
4-4 Hard Luck Story 10-31-1954. Insurance racket preys on innocent ranchers.
4-7 Strangers_ 12-5-1954. An artistic teenager and his father move to Paradise Valley and are fooled by desperados.
4-8 Hidden Treasures 12-19-1954. Crooks hear Roy tell Dale: “The Key to the greatest treasure in the world is in that book.”
4-9 Outcasts Paradise Valley 1/9/55 When they are unable to find work, two youths turn to crime, even endangering a kindly old couple who befriended them.
4-10 The Big Chance 1-23-1955. Pay and Nellybelle are kidnapped by gang of outlaws, one of whom may be inheriting a million dollars.
4-13 Quick Draw 3-20-1955. Trigger-happy sheep rancher joins posse to hunt down his brother-in-law who robbed the stage.
4-14 Ginger Horse 3/27/55 Roy, Dale, and Pat are visiting nearby Carson County. While there, they meet a little girl named Janie Howard whose beloved horse has been stolen by an outlaw who has framed Janie's father in a robbery. Includes the only song in one of Roy's TV shows: "The Bible Told Me So," written by Dale Evans.
5-2 Ranch War When John Wagner returns home with his expectant wife after his father's death, he finds that the Kent's have claimed and barricaded the ranch homestead.
5-3 Uncle Steve's Finish 2-3-1955. Roy and Dale are suspicious of a local school teacher after the Paradise Valley stage is robbed.
5-5 The Scavenger 11-27-1955. The town scavenger picks up a cache of counterfeit money. Roy must protect him when the outlaws return.
5-8 Ambush A pair of hired gunmen ambush a friend of Roy's friends on the Double-R Bar. Roy sets out to investigate the motives behind the shooting.
5-9 Money is Dangerous 1-29-1956. An old miser is robbed by his bodyguard.
5-12 Horse Crazy 2-26-1956. Roy is captured by a desperado who wants him to track down his missing horse, who may be faster than Trigger.

New episodes added in 2024

Backfire Fake parson is really a thief.
Badman's Brother A ruthless murderer uses his 11-year-old brother to keep him from going to jail.
Blind Justice An old prospector is robbed and blinded by an outlaw gang trying to take his claim.
Boy's Day in Paradise Valley In honor of Boy's Day, the law-enforcement offices in town are turned over to students for the day, and young Bob Miner is appointed sheriff.
Dead End Trail Young man leaves abusive father to join outlaw gang.
Last of the Larrabee Kid Stagecoach robbers are robbed themselves by masked "Larrabee Kid."
Long Chance When funds are stolen from a school, outlaw offers to help Roy catch the real crooks.
Mayor of Ghost Town Man appoints self mayor of a ghost town, but an outlaw gang wants to hide out there.
Milliner from Medicine Creek Young milliner and grandfather suspected of looting Wells Fargo office.
Money to Burn Dale buys a stove which robbers have hidden payroll money inside.
Peddlar from the Pecos Pat's cousin gets mixed up with illegal fur smugglers.
Ride of the Ranchers Gang of outlaws plans to attack Don Jose's ranch while he's away leading the annual Ride of the Ranchers.
Silver Fox Hunt Indian Chief controlling silver mine is murdered.
Violence in Paradise Valley Four escaped convicts kidnap Dale.
Young Defenders Outlaws kidnap a fur trapper trying to get his valuable pelts. Meanwhile, his two children are left, alone and frightened, in a mountain cabin.

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