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Tales of Tomorrow

(1951-1953) Tales of Tomorrow is a half-hour American anthology science-fiction series that was performed and broadcast live and then syndicated on 16mm kinescope prints.

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Vol. 1: Ice From Space 8/8/1952 An Air Force rocket comes crashing back to Earth containing a huge block of ice. Unable to destroy the ice, Major Dozier takes matters into his own hands.
Appointment on Mars 6/27/1952 Three astronauts arrive on Mars, sponsored by a mining company who will share the pofits with them.
The Crystal Egg 10/12/1951 The owner of a London curiosity shop delivers a mysterious crystal egg to a university professor for the scientist's opinion on its worth and its properties. The 'egg' proves to be a window to Mars.
Frankenstein 1/18/1952 In an adaptation of Mary Shelley's tale, Dr. Frankenstein brings to life a lumbering undead monster, played by Lon Chaney Jr.

Vol. 2: Time To Go 4/18/1952 With Sylvia Sydney. Middle-aged woman gets sucked into “banking time” with an emissary from another planet, who double crosses her.
Plague from Space 4/25/1952 A flying saucer lands at an army base. The martian inside carries a plague.
Red Dust 5/2/1952 Astronauts return from a distant planet with a deadly dust on board.
The Children’s Room 2/29/1952 A secret "Children's Room" at a college attracts the attention of intellectual advanced youths. A professor uncovers that his son and other children are 'mutants' being groomed to assist an alien race in a distant part of the galaxy.

Vol. 3: The Golden Ingot 5/9/1952 A scientist strives to make gold from base metal, but fails. His daughter concocts a scheme to fulfill his dreams.
Verdict from Space 8/3/1951 Gordon Kent is put on trial for murder. Innocent, he says that Sykes came to him looking for a blowtorch to cut open a metal door hidden in a secret cavern.
Blunder 8/10/1951 A scientist continues a series of experiments with nuclear fission, although there is a risk that he could ignite the world's oxygen.
Test Flight 10/26/1951 A wealthy industrialist hires a rocket scientist to design and build an engine that will get a ship, and the CEO, to another planet.

Vol. 4: Sneak Attack 12/7/1951 An American secret agent during the cold war is the only hope of stopping a multiple warheaddetonation in the United States.
What You Need 2/8/1952 A writer desires a machine so much he'll even steal to get it, only to have the owner of the machine feel great regret for having to kill that writer.
Age of Peril 2/15/1952 Criminals get a helping hand defeating polygraph machines from a brilliant scientist.
Ahead of His Time 7/18/1952 A man who invents a time machine in our time is the only hope to save the world in 2052.

Vol. 5: The Duplicates 7/4/1952 With Darren McGavin. A man is chosen to visit a duplicate world in our solar system.
Flight Overdue 3/28/1952 Female flyer disappears over ocean. Four years later her husband learns the secret.
World of Water 5/23/1952 Scientist’s discovery threatens the world. Victor Jory stars.
The Little Black Bag 5/30/1952 A struggling doctor takes his instruments to a pawnshop because his wife complains about their lack of money. Once in the shop, he makes a deal with the pawnbroker for $20.00 and a mysterious medical bag. Later, it is discovered that the instruments in the bag are from the future and can perform "miracle cures."

Vol. 6: The Dark Angel 9/28/1951 Johanna is the first of an advanced race of human beings: an "angel" who apparently is immortal and will never die.
Search for the Flying Saucer 11/9/1951 A grounded pilot is determined to prove that recent UFO sightings are real only he doesn't realize how close to finding out the truth he is.
The Invader 12/21/1951 A scientist and others witness the crash of an alien space craft in the ocean. His son dives down to investigate and comes up a different person.
The Dune Roller 1/4/1952 On an island a strange rock begins to grow and move. Scientists that observe the phenomena speculate that an ancient meteor that once hit the island is attempting to reassemble itself.

Vol. 7: All the Time in the World 6/13/1952 A visitor from the future carries his time machine on his wrist.
The Miraculous Serum 6/20/1952 The serum for eternal life....
Another Chance 2/13/1953 Leslie Nielsen. Crook’s memory erased.
The Great Silence 2/20/1953 Burgess Meredith. Alien robs humans of speech.

Vol. 8: The Fatal Flower12/12/1952 Victor Jory stars. Scientists find a plant in the Amazon that eats people.
The Horn 10/10/1952 Franchot Tone invents a horn that summons evil forces.
Seeing Eye Surgeon 9/5/1952 Unusual glasses allow a doctor to predict when his patients will die.
The Fury of the Cocoon 3/6/1953 An expedition into the tropics is plagued by dissent, desertion, and an invisible blood sucking leech that has arrived from outer space. The remaining members of the expedition use an insecticide to escape.

Vol. 9: The Evil Within 5/1/1953 Starring Rod Steiger and James Dean"who has a small role as Steiger's lab assitant. Rod Steiger invents a solution that unlocks "The Evil Within Humans."
Past Tense 4/3/1953 Dr. Harry Marco is neglecting his practice in order to build a time machine in his basement. Once he succeeds, he travels to the past to sell the secret of penicillin to the highest bidder.
Ghost Writer 3/27/1953 Leslie Nielsen. Stories submitted to a magazine come true.
Read to Me, Herr Doktor 3/20/1953 An old professor with failing eyesight builds a robot named Herr Doktor to read him books that he had never had a chance to read. The relationship between the professor and the robot is very close. The books the robot reads give him the desire to be a complete person.

Vol. 10: The Bitter Storm 12/26/1952 A bitter scientist can record every sound ever made on Earth, including the voice of Christ.
The Lost Planet 11/7/1952 ("The Window”) An apparent live murder intrudes on a TV broadcast.
Many Happy Returns 10/24/1952 A man begins communicating with an alien on his birthday. Aka. “Invaders from Ground Zero.”
Youth on Tap 9/26/1952 ("Young Blood”) A strange doctor offers Robert Alda a chance for fast cash, but he loses much more.

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