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Terry and the Pirates

(1952) Colonel Terry Lee travels to the orient in search of a gold mine left to him by his grandfather. He is a pilot employed by a "no questions asked" airline run by Chopstick Joe. His friend and co-pilot is Hotshot Charlie. His love interest is a girl named Burma. He and his friends are constantly in hot water, thanks to the mysterious Dragon Lady, as they fly from one exotic location to the next

Terry Comic

Boxer's Rebellion Terry K.O.'s a crooked promoter before he can spirit an inexperienced fighter to the United States!
Chinese Legacy A Chinese-American soldier comes to collect his inheritance and Terry must rescue him from an imposter!
Green God Phyllis Coates (TV's Lois Lane) stars as a femme fatale out to steal a priceless black pearl necklace from the Canton Museum!
The Co-Pilot Hoping to escape a gambling debt, Hotshot gets in the middle of a dangerous deal between Chopstick Joe and The Dragon Lady!
Black Market for Death Terry fights to keep a typhus serum off the balck market masterminded by the Dragon Lady!
Loaded Dice Affair Chopstick Joe loses a bet with a chinese warlord and the price is a plane, Terry and Hotshot!
Macao Gold Flying a dangerous solo mission with a load of gold bullion, Hotshot is hijacked by the Dragon Lady's men!
Tee Hee Terry smashes The Dragon Lady's emerald smuggling operation after an innocent old lady becomes a pawn in her scheme!
Compound C3 Theft A shipment of stolen military explosives disguised as meat is hidden in the hold of Terry's plane.
Diplomatic Passport A mysterious woman stashes the stolen passport of a slain french diplomat in Hotshot's trenchcoat.
Little Mandarin A squadron of the Dragon lady's fighter planes forces Terry to land with the son of a warlord.
The Randall Affair A treasure map pointing to a cache of uncut gems hidden in the jungles of Indochina sparks a desperate race to retrieve them.
Chinese Coffin A mysterious coffin in the cargo hold of Terry's plane is stolen by the dragon lady's violent goons!
Deadly Species Snakes on a plane!! A cargo of venomous serpents has hot shot spooked, but all is not as it seems!
Extra Cargo Burma stows away on Terry's plane while hiding out from a gang of assassins she is investigating for a newspaper story!
The Maitland Affair A cargo of contaminated rice is hijacked, and the Dragon Lady is the prime subject!

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