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Christmas TV Shows

Every popular TV series from the 1950s to today celebrated Christmas or New Years with a special show. This is a collection of some of those gems, mostly from the 1950s.

Jack Benny as Santa

Vol. 1: Date With the Angels (1957) Betty White and Bill Williams family comedy.
"Santa's Helper" Meet Corliss Archer (1954) Ann Baker stars in teenage comedy show.
“Christmas Show” Where’s Raymond? (1953-54) Ray Bolger comedy. Through a little girl's imagination Ray becomes a cab driver, a pixie-like floorwalker in a toy shop, an old vaudevillian, his own imaginary wife, Sambo the doll, and Santa Claus.
The Ruggles “Christmas Eve - 1952" (1949-1952) Charlie Ruggles stars in situation comedy.

Vol. 2: Adventures of Robin Hood
“The Christmas Goose.”
Young Davey has a pet goose, who is very attached to him. One day it saves him from a flogging from Sir Leon's men, but in so doing is caught and, as a punishment, sentenced to become Sir Leon's Christmas dinner.
“Red Christmas”
The story begins at an office Christmas party, and ends in the operating room of a hospital, where a young girl’s eyesight is endangered. 
Captain Gallant of Foreign Legion
“The Boy Who Found Christmas.”
(12/25/55) For Christmas this year, Capt. Gallant has promised Cuffy a trip to America. However, all of the Legions' gifts are stolen from the caravan, and it looks like the captain won't be able to let Cuffy go on his promised trip. Cuffy runs away to try to find the missing presents, and learns what Christmas is really about.
Racket Squad “The Christmas Caper.” (12/25/1952)
Santa Claus can't stop this con. So it's up to Captain John Braddock to work Christmas to catch the bad guys.

Vol. 3: The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet
The Girl in the Emporium:
Ricky and Wally spend all their Christmas shopping money trying to impress a cute girl at the emporium. Original air date 12/14/60.
The Christmas Tree Lot: Rick and Dave sell Christmas trees to raise the money to buy Ozzie a present. Ozzie sings and plays the guitar! Guest Stars: Gavin Gordon, Barbara Pepper. Rick sings. 12/18/57.
A Busy Christmas (12/19/1956) Ozzie is talked into acting as Santa for the Men's Club and also as Scrooge in a short play. He also is asked to sing Christmas Carols with all three things being on the same night. He tries hard to get a Christmas tree and put up decorations on the house but finds it impossible with the other commitments.
The Lost Christmas Gift (12/26/1952) Ozzie and David are recipients of belated Christmas gifts from Grandma Nelson.

Vol. 4: Petticoat Junction: "Cannonball Christmas" Homer Bedloe plans to stop the Hooterville Cannonball from making its traditional Christmas caroling tour.
The Beverly Hillbillies: “Christmas at the Clampetts” (12/25/1963) The Clampetts receive beautiful gifts from the Drysdales, including a boat and a television set. However, they mistake the gifts for other things, the TV set for a washing machine, and the boat as someone else’s. The Drysdales also give the Clampetts a pet chimpanzee, which they mistake for a sailor.
The Beverly Hillbillies: "Home For Christmas" (1/16/1963) The Clampetts take their first plane ride for a Christmas visit back home with Cousin Pearl.
Love That Bob “Grandpa’s Christmas Visit” (12/22/1955) Bob's grandfather Josh Collins pays a visit and proves to be more of a wolf than his grandson. Bob tries to set Grandpa up with a sweet old lady on Christmas Eve—but he steals Bob's date instead. (This one is included in Love That Bob volumes.)

Vol 5: Red Skelton Show:
"Freddie and the Yuletide Doll"
5-15-1956. With guest Cara Williams.
Cop and the Anthem 12-21-1954. Freddie tries to get put into prison to have a warm Christmas. Based on a story by O’ Henry.
Thanksgiving Show 11-20-1956. Red in a skit about the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving.
Nat King Cole Guest Singer Nat King Cole is featured along with Skelton comedy skits.

Vol. 6: The Answer Dec. 23, 1954. “Four Star Playhouse” with David Niven. A successful Hollywood writer returns home for the holidays and meets a down-on-his-luck writer.
The Gift Dec. 24, 1953. “Four Star Playhouse” with Charles Boyer, Ann Doran. A businessman becomes moody each year at Christmas because it reminds him of his estranged son, who chose to become a geologist instead of following in his father's footsteps.
Christmas Shopping Show Dec. 15, 1957. “Jack Benny Show” with Mel Blanc, Dennis Day, Rochester.
The Big Little Jesus 12/24/1953. “Dragnet.” A statue of baby Jesus is stolen from a church, and Friday must find it before Christmas.

Vol. 7: Odd Christmas Shorts
Santa and the Three Bears
(1970) Color, 47 min. Directed by Barry Mahon, Tony Benedict. Animated. SANTA AND THE THREE BEARS was first released in theatres and then found a home on USA Network, where it ran for years as their token holiday special. Abridged, all-animated version.
The Night Before Christmas (1940s) 10 min. Classic telling of the famous poem.
A Howdy Doody Christmas (1950s) 10 min. Excerpt from Howdy Doody TV show.
The Christmas Carol (1950s) 23 min. Dickens’ famous tale, narrated by Vincent Price.
The Little Match Girl (1954) 10 min. Live action version of the famous story.
Santa Claus Story (1940s) 10 min. Santa delivers toys, etc.
A Christmas Dream (1940s) 10 min. Live action. Little girl, Santa, doll....

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