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Return with us now to the Wild and Wooly WEST! This page highlights the best of the Hollywood "A-Film Westerns" that are in public domain. The best quality, most entertaining "B-Westerns" starring Roy Rogers, Tex Ritter, Ken Maynard, John Wayne and more are RIGHT HERE. A complete list of Westerns with a few Spaghetti and Silent Westerns are on THIS PAGE!

All films are available in Mpeg2 and Mpeg4 digital format. Most are also available on DVD-R format, so please inquire.

Hollywood Westerns!

Abilene Town Poster

Abilene Town 1946 Randolph Scott, Ann Dvorak. A sheriff tries to stop homesteader conflicts in the West after the Civil War.

American Empire 1942 Richard Dix, Leo Carillo, Preston Foster. Two men join forces to build a cattle empire, battle rustlers, bad weather and each other.

Angel and the Badman 1947 John Wayne, Gail Russell, Harey Carey. Quirt Evans, an all round bad guy, is nursed back to health and sought after by Penelope Worth, a Quaker girl. He eventually finds himself having to choose between his world and the world Penelope lives in.

The Big Trees 1952, color Kirk Douglas, Edgar Buchanan. A Quaker colony tries to save the giant sequoias from a timber baron, Kirk Douglas.

Buckskin Frontier 1943 Richard Dix, Jane Wyatt. A railroad man and the owner of a freight line battle for control of a crucial mountain pass.

Bushwhackers 1952 John Ireland, Wayne Morris, Dorothy Malone. An evil arthritic rancher and his murderous daughter are having settlers killed to prevent them from selling their land to the railroad.

Cry Blood Apache 1970, color Jody McCrea, Joel McCrea. Gang of sadistic cowboys let nothing stand in their way in their search for gold.

Curse of Demon Mountain 1977, color Joe Don Baker, Sondra Locke. Two former Confederate captains set out to recover diamonds hidden in the mountains of Arkansas but a native spirit named Chikara is said to protect the sacred mountains against intruders.

Daniel Boone, Trail Blazer 1957, color Bruce Bennett, Lon Chaney Jr. Daniel Boone leads settlers into Kentucky, but must battle Shawnee Indians who have been persuaded by a French renegade that Boone and the settlers are there to kill them and steal their land.

Deadly Companions 1961, color Maureen O’Hara, Brian Keith, Steve Cochran. An ex-army officer accidentally kills a woman's son and tries to make up for it by escorting the funeral procession through dangerous Indian territory.

Desperate Mission 1969, color Ricardo Montalban, Slim Pickens. A man who has lost everything joins others paid to convey a wealthy man's wife - and a mysterious treasure - to safety in San Francisco.

Fighting Caravans 1931 Gary Cooper, Lili Damita. A young frontier scout helps guide a freight wagon train across the country, fighting off Indians and evil traders, while his two crusty companions try and save him from falling in love.

Fighting Westerner 1935 Randolph Scott, Ann Sheridan. Aka. Rocky Mountain Mystery. The heirs of the dying owner of a valuable radium mine are being murdered as a mining engineer tries to uncover the killer and clear his cousin's name.

Four Rode Out 1970, color Sue Lyon, Pernell Roberts. A U.S. marshal sets out to bring in a Mexican bandit accused of killing his girlfriend's father, but it turns out that there's more to the story than there first appears to be.

Gatling Gun 1971, color Guy Stockwell, Woody Strode. Two backstabbing deserters steal a Gatling Gun from their cavalry unit to attack an Apache tribe and steal their gold. They get help from a naive pacifist pastor. Meanwhile, both the cavalry and the Apache go after them - and the Gun.

Hanged Man 1974, color Steve Forrest, Dean Jagger. Miraculously still alive after his hanging, gunfighter James Devlin defends a young widow's farm from a vicious land grabber.

High Lonesome 1950, color John Drew Barrymore. When a sudden spurt of murders occurs in Texas Big Bend country, suspicion immediately falls on a young drifter who just moved to the area.

Joshua 1976, color Fred Williamson, Cal Bartlett. A black soldier returns from fighting for the Union in the Civil War only to find out that his mother has been murdered by a gang of white thugs. He becomes a bounty hunter, determined to track down and kill the men who killed his mother.

Kansas Pacific 1953, color Sterling Hayden, Eve Miller, Barton MacLane. With the Civil War about to begin, Southern saboteurs attack frontier railroad construction.

Kid Vengeance 1977, color Lee Van Cleef, Jim Brown. Tom's parents are killed by Mexican outlaws after their leader (Van Cleef) rapes his mother as he watched. He sets out to exact revenge and is ultimately helped by a successful gold prospector who has been robbed by the same outlaws.

Man From Texas 1948 James Craig, Lynn Bari. the masked bandit named the "El Paso Kid", and the life of a law-abiding citizen with his long-suffering wife Zoe.

McLintock! 1963, color. John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara. Wealthy rancher G.W. McLintock uses his power and influence in the territory to keep the peace between farmers, ranchers, land-grabbers, Indians and corrupt government officials.

Mohawk 1956, color Scott Brady, Rita Gam. In 1700s New York, a Boston artist working in the remote Fort Alden is torn between his love for 2 women and thrown into the middle of a Mohawk-Iroquois-American war.

My Outlaw Brother 1951 Mickey Rooney, Wanda Hendrix. A young man travels to Mexico in search of his brother, who has become involved with a dangerous gang.

One-Eyed Jacks 1961, color Marlon Brando, Karl Malden. After robbing a Mexican bank, Dad Longworth takes the loot and leaves his partner Rio to be captured but Rio escapes and searches for Dad in California. Outlaw Poster

The Outlaw 1943 Jane Russell, Jack Buetel, Thomas Mitchell. Western legends Pat Garrett, Doc Holliday and Billy the Kid are played against each other over the law and the attentions of vivacious country vixen Rio McDonald.

Powderkeg 1971, color Rod Taylor, Dennis Cole. Just before World War I, two adventurers are hired to bring back a hijacked train from Mexico.

Proud and the Damned 1972, color Chuck Connors, Cesar Romero. In 1870, five ex-Confederate soldiers get embroiled in a foreign civil war south of the border.

Rage at Dawn 1955, color Randolph Scott, Forrest Tucker. A special agent from Chicago is sent out west to bring in the notorious Reno brothers.

Renegade Girl 1946 Ann Savage, Alan Curtis, Ed Brophy. Ann Shelby, whose family is allied with the notorious William Quantrill, turns outlaw to revenge herself on a renegade Indian who killed her brother.

Salome Where She Danced 1945, color Yvonne DeCarlo, Rod Cameron. A Viennese ballerina is forced to flee to Arizona during the Franco-Prussian War, where she proceeds to vamp numerous men in order to get what she wants.

Santa Fe Trail 1940 Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Ray Massey. In 1854, Jeb Stuart, George Custer and other graduates from West Point are posted to Kansas to help pacify the territory before railroad construction to Santa Fe can resume.

Savage Journey 1983, color Maurice Grandmaison, Paul Warton. A story of the settling in the West and the hardship and determination it took to do it.

Seven Alone 1974, color Dewey Martin, Aldo Ray. A frontier family crosses the U.S. by wagon train, hoping for a better life in the Oregon Territory.

Sitting Bull 1954, color Dale Robertson, J. Carrol Naish. A cavalry officer sympathetic to the wronged Sioux fixes a meeting between Chief Sitting Bull and President Grant but a dishonest Indian Agent and a hateful General Custer test the Sioux's patience, threatening to derail the peace-talks.

Sundowners 1950, color Robert Preston, Cathy Downs. Brother is pitted against brother in this tale of fueding ranchers in the old west.

Vengeance Valley 1951, color Burt Lancaster, Robert Walker, Joanne Dru. The sons of a Colorado cattle baron, one biological and the other adopted, resent one another and fight for control of their father's cattle empire.