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Click on the links below to watch samples of Movie Memories. Please note that the prevu films have been abridged to only show a bit of the entertainment, nostalgia and historical appeal. This way you will get to the 4 questions at the end faster and can see how Movie Memories encourage reminiscing. The questions appear onscreen at the end of each segment.

Bob Hope and Bing Crosby in "The Fifth Freedom"

  • Did most Americans smoke Chesterfield cigarettes in 1951?
  • Was your home town similar to the one in “The Fifth Freedom?”
  • Did you watch Arthur Godfrey and Perry Como on TV?
  • Who was your favorite -- Bob Hope or Bing Crosby?

  • Sing-Along cartoon "In My Merry Oldsmobile"

  • Did your parents own an Oldsmobile?
  • What was your family car?
  • Do you recall car rides with that “special” person?
  • Did you ever sing out loud with the Bouncing Ball in a theater?
  • Who is your favorite cartoon character?

  • The Lucy Show: "Lucy and the Monkey"

  • Did you love “I Love Lucy” in the 1950s?
  • This episode of “The Lucy Show” is from 1966.
  • Could anyone but Lucy mix up Mr. Mooney and a monkey?
  • What is your favorite TV situation comedy?

  • Shirley Temple in "The Little Princess"

  • Shirley Temple was 9 when “The Little Princess” came out in 1939.
  • Did you ever want to be a young actress like Shirley Temple?
  • Did you ever own a Shirley Temple Doll?
  • Do you remember any terrific dreams from childhood?

  • Roy Rogers is "King of the Cowboys"

  • Who were your favorite cowboy heroes?
  • Would you like to see the complete movie?
  • Do you remember Roy, Dale, Triggerand Pat Brady on TV?
  • What was the name of Roy’s dog?

  • Classic TV Commercials "Toys and Games"

  • Toys, Toys, Toys! Toys for you! Toys for your kids! Toys for all of you!
  • What was your favorite toy?
  • Did you like toys to build -- Mr. Machine, Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, Erector Set?
  • Who wants to play Mystery Date?

  • Be very afraid of "The Giant Claw"

  • What was the worst film you ever saw?
  • I mean the worst film before “The Giant Claw?”
  • Did you like monster movies like this? Did you like good ones?
  • Name some monsters that really scared you.

  • William Powell in "The Kennel Murder Case"

  • So who dunnit? Do you like mysteries?
  • Can you usually spot the murderer early on in murder mysteries?
  • Did you think for a single second that the death was a suicide?
  • Watch the complete “Kennel Murder Case” to unmask the murderer!

  • Adventure Thrills in "The Undersea Kingdom"

  • Do you think the lost kingdom of Atlantis really existed?
  • Do you like serials with “cliffhanger” endings?
  • Did you go to Saturday Matinees?
  • What kid didn’t love killer robots?
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