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These Horror Films from abroad are often in the public domain because they were never registered with the Library of Congress. The time limit for foreign countries to reclaim rights under the 1996 GATT agreement has long expired. Read more about Copyrights and Public Domain.

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Barbara Steele

Haunting Barbara Steele!

Ghost (1963, Italy) Color, 97m. Barbara and her lover plan the murder of her husband, Dr. Hitchcock, but is he really dead?

The Long Hair of Death (1964, Italy) 100m. A woman under suspicion of witchcraft is burned alive. Her curse brings her back from the dead for revenge. Barbara's seldom looked more beautiful.

Nightmare Castle (1966, Italy) 90m. Barbara Steele and a mad, sadistic scientist on the loose!

The She Beast (1966, Italy) Color, 79m. Barbara possessed by the spirit of an 18th-century witch who was killed by local villagers.

Terror Creatures from the Grave (1965, Italy) 61m. When his wife and his business partners murder him, a man comes back from the grave with an army of zombies for revenge.

Les Monstres et Maniaques!

Beast of the Yellow Night (1971, Phillipines) Color, 87m. A man is saved from certain death by selling his soul to the Devil, but then must transform into a hideous monster.

The Bell from Hell (1973, Spain) Color, 93m. A young man is released from an asylum and returns home for revenge on his aunt and her three daughters.

The Blancheville Monster (1963, Italy) 83m. The beautiful young daughter of a crazed count fears that she will fall victim to the family curse - to be sacrificed to fulfill an ancient family legend.

Bloody Pit of Horror (1965, Italy) Color, 74m. Madman Mickey Hargitay terrorizes models at a shoot in remote castle.

Blood Thirst (1971, Phillipines) 80m. Detective investigates grisly killings in Manila that may be related to voodoo or vampirisim.

Circus of Fear (1966, Britian) Color, 88m. Christopher Lee, Leo Genn. Circus becomes location for stolen loot and bizarre murders.

Count Dracula and His Vampire Brides (1974, Britian) Color, 87m. Aka. "Satanic Rites of Dracula." Peter Cushing vs. Christopher Lee in modern times.

Death Smiles on a Murderer (1973, Italy) Color, 84m. Klaus Kinski discovers an ancient Incan formula for raising the dead, and uses it for a series of revenge murders.

Devil's Nightmare (1971, Italy/Belgium) Color, 95m. Tourists in a European castle overnight are victims of a sexual succubus helper of the devil.

The Embalmer (1965, Italy) 83m. Mad killer snatches girls off the canals of Venice and embalms them for personal display.

Fangs of the Living Dead (1969, Spain/Italy) 88m. Anita Ekberg. Virgin inherits castle full of vampires.

The Head (1959, West Germany) 92m. Keeping decpitated heads alive and reattaching to other bodies....

Horror Express (1972, Britian-Spain) Color, 88m. Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing battle ancient monster on board train through Manchuria.

Lady Frankenstein (1972, Italy) Color, 84m. Lovely daughter takes up father’s work. Joseph Cotten. Some nudity.

The Manster (1959, Japan) 72m. Scientist changes reporter into a hideous two-headed monster.

The Night Evelyn Came Out of Her Grave (1971, Italy) Color, 90m. A wealthy pervert lures beautiful young women to his castle so he can have his way with them.

Oasis of Zombies (1981, France) Color, 82m. An expedition searching for treasure supposedly buried by the German army in the African desert during WW II comes up against an army of Nazi zombies guarding the fortune.

The Sound of Horror (1964, Spain) 91m. Archeologists exploring mountains in a remote part of Greece awaken a prehistoric creature with the power of invisibility.

Strangler of Blackmoor Castle (1963, Germany) 87m. A hooded killer invades the Blackmoor estate demanding the return of stolen diamonds and leaving the body of a groundskeeper.

The Vampire Happening (1974, Germany) Color, 101m. Filled with torture chambers and mantraps, the Transylvanian castle of Baroness Catali awaits it's new tenant.

Vampires Night Orgy (1973, Spain) Color, 109m. A busload of travelers must stop in a small European village after their bus driver suffers a heart attack, and then....

Voodoo Black Exorcist (1973, Spain) Color, 84m. The mummy of long dormant, but powerful Caribbean voodoo priest Gatanebo gets revived on a luxury South Seas ocean liner.

Werewolf in a Girl's Dormitory (1962, Italy) 84m. At a school for wayward girls, a series of mysterious attacks have plagued the campus. One might suspect a werewolf!

Werewolf Vs. Vampire Woman (1971, Spain) Color, 86m. Werewolf, two lost girls, castle, sleeping vampire awakens....

Tod Slaughter

Mr. Tod Slaughter!

British actor Tod Slaughter excelled at playing maniacs in old-fashioned melodramas.

Crimes at the Dark House (1939, British) 68m. Lunatic puts wife in crazy house and replaces her with look-alike.

Face at the Window (1939, British) 65m. A monster, mad scientist and Tod Slaughter stalking girl. With second Slaughter: The Greed of William Hart (1948, British) 53m. Grave-robbers in Scotland turn to murder. Aka. "Horror Maniacs."

The Hooded Terror (1938) 70m. British detective Sexton Blake pursues master criminal played by Tod Slaughter.

It's Never Too Late to Mend (1937, British) 70m. Squire wants woman & frames boyfriend to have her.

Murder in the Red Barn (1935, British) 60m. Madman kills beautiful girl and shifts blame to innocent man. With western horror: Rawhide Terror (1934) 52m. Leather-face maniac roams the range.

Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street (1936, British) 68m. Tod plays the demented barber who kills clients and turns them into meat pies for the bakery downstairs.

The Ticket of Leave Man (1937, British) 71m. A criminal mastermind frames bank clerk to get his fiancee.